Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Back in the local dating scene after being single again after what seems like eons, I notice that some Malaysian men are more desperate than a gasping catfish out of the water. Let me highlight to you some of the usual suspects that has been hot on pursue after learning that I'm back in the market (bear in mind that these are just some of the guys who's been asking me out in the space of just one freaking week):

Date No. 1:
Now here's a real piece of work. Met him quite innocently during a party. I was already in a serious relationship then but he was very persistent in his pursuit so much so that he was a fart away from stalking. Tried wooing me in countless ways for the past 2 years but was unsuccessful so naturally he was elated to learn that I was single again lately. This award winning creep showed up unexpectedly outside my apartment at 12 midnight twice, once while wearing a suit! The other time he showed up with porridge in hand. Who the hell eats poriddge at 12 midnight?!!

Date No. 2:
This guy has been a friend for sometime. Sensed that he was interested when we first met but he backed off upon learning that I was with someone. Never kept in touch much after that and now all of a sudden he wants to be my new best friend! Now this is what I call 'crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon' act. These 'buayas' pounced once you are back on the shelf! A month ago they don't even bother to call and say 'Hi' and now they are ever so concerned. How very sincere!

Date No. 3:
Another one who have had his fist up his ass for so long he's beginning to enjoy it. Has a long time girlfriend but kept pestering me for dates. Whatever happen to monogamy?

Date No. 4:
This is a real sweetie pie. In fact, he's a human dinosaur on the verge of extinction. Gentlemanly and chivalrous to a fault. I can't believe a bad ass chick like me can bag such a blue ribbon species. Oh yea, I'm good!! *grins*

Date No. 5:
Another crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Been after me for as long as I can remember and when he failed, he waited at the sideline all these while pretending to be a good 'brother' to me. Wasn't too long after the breakup before he pounced! *sigh* Such predictability bores me really!