Monday, April 18, 2011

Tobasco Anyone?

If you are like me, there must have been times when you are freaking hungry but was stuck in a massive jam after work when you wished you can have food delivered right up to your car window instead of inching your way back home or to a nearby restaurant. Well, I do the next best thing and I usually order pizza when I am about 15 minutes away from home so that I can have hot pizza waiting for me the moment I reach home. No hassle of having to find a parking space and I can change into casual T-shirt and shorts to enjoy my dinner in front of the TV like any other dysfunctional families do. So, I took it upon myself to write a review of the 3 pizza delivery services I had used lately.

No. 1: Domino's Pizza

This is the pizza delivery service that is in my speed dial list. Service is good and prompt. I often get free stuff like a Banana Kaya Pie/Bread Stix or RM3 regular pizza SMS offer for being a regular customer. It's not much but it does keep me happy to know that I am appreciated as a regular customer. So far, pizzas usually arrive within 15-30 minutes. If they are so much as late by 1 minute then I get a free regular pizza voucher to be used in my next order. I like their Crunchy Thin Crust pizza as it does not make me overly stuff unlike some other types of crust. No hassle service gets my vote.

No. 2: Yellow Cab Pizza Co

Well, this chain only has like a few outlets in Malaysia and mostly in the Klang Valley only. I heard rave reviews from friends about how good their pizza and pasta are so I ordered from them during a recent training session I had with my users. I placed the order at around 12.30pm and they told me that it takes about 45-1 hour for them to deliver as they were short on staff and it was raining. I said OK as some of my users had stepped out for prayers and will not be back so soon.

By 1.45pm when there was still no delivery I was losing my patience so I called them and they said that on that particular Friday, their riders did not come to work so they had the kitchen staff doing the delivery and that they were already on their way. My office is barely 10 minutes away from their shop. By 2.15pm I got a call and went downstairs to the lobby to bring the delivery guy up to my training room. Unfortunately, he apologetically told me that the pizzas were meant for another customer as he was given the wrong package to deliver. He told me that another kitchen staff was on his way with the correct pizzas for me which did not arrive till 2.30pm.

By this time I was already pissed off and called to complain. All their 'Sorry ma'am' did not help the situation at all. I was hungry, my users were hungry. Not good. By the time we finally get to sink out teeth into the pizza it was already 2.40pm. The service sucks big time and the only saving grace was that the pizza and pasta were actually good. I highly recommend the Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta. I'd say if you want to order from them then make sure your stomach is not already growling from hunger and if your patience and tolerance level is high. Well, that person is usually not me and I've thrown away the free voucher they gave me for delivering my pizzas after 2 and 1/4 hours.

No. 3: Pizza Hut

Now, this pizza delivery service needs no introduction here in Malaysia. Many of us probably grew up listening to the annoyingly catchy 755-25-25 song on the TV while we're growing up. Surprisingly, I never ordered from their pizza delivery service before till even the infamous number had changed now. One fine afternoon, my Mom suggested to try Pizza Hut as we usually orders from Domino's so I did. They took  more than 30 minutes to arrive and gave me an envelope which the delivery guy told me was a free regular pizza voucher. I just accepted it without looking.

Few weeks later, I decided to use the voucher but the person on the phone told me that the delivery guy had given me the wrong voucher as my voucher is only valid for take-aways. By right, he should have given me a voucher that can be used when I order delivery service again. So, after checking with her supervisor she called me back to say I can still use the voucher for delivery as it was their fault to have given me the wrong voucher in the first place. 

I ordered 2 regular pizzas, 1 being a free pizza when I use the voucher. Surprisingly this time, the delivery guy appeared in front of my gates in about 15 minutes. However, there was only 1 pizza. Some frantic calls by the guy and off he went to get the other pizza claiming that they had packed the delivery for him wrongly. About half an hour later, he reappeared with the missing pizza but I was suspicious and opened the pizza box in front of him to make sure my pizza was there.

What do you know? There was a pizza but the flavour was the same as the one we had already devoured. More frantic calls ensued and him blaming some other people back at the shop and he said he will be back again with the correct pizza. I called the hotline to complain and I basically told them I would NEVER order from their delivery service again. A lot of lame ass apology and excuses were thrown forward to no avail. I was furious! The 2nd pizza with the correct flavour only arrived like an hour AFTER we had already finished eating the first pizza.

Not only that, we get extremely poor service when we visit their outlet last time, especially the one at KLCC. Then there was the time I was working late one night when our manager told us that she had ordered pizza for us about half an hour ago through their online website but the delivery guy had not appeared. A quick check revealed that the order she placed was not captured. My manager said usually when she orders online it is OK but on that night we were just too tired and hungry to wait. So, after considering all aspects of their service, my verdict are as below.
I have yet to try Papa John's and Canadian Pizza's delivery service. Hopefully they fare better than Pizza Hut.