Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Don't Drive If You Are Blind AND Deaf!

It was early on a damp and cold morning when my boyfriend and I left the house to go to work last Thursday. Nearing a hump on the road just outside my house, a black-colored Proton Wira was stopped on top of it and we just assumed that the driver will ease over the hump in the next few seconds but as we drew nearer to the car, we realized in horror that the person at the wheel must be either sleeping or too dumb to handle a car as it was actually going backwards! We immediately sounded the honk but it fell on deaf ears as we soon heard a BANG! A nice day spoilt in that very instant! Note that we can't reverse either as there was another car following close behind us.

We stopped by the side of the road to check on the damages but the driver just proceeded to drive away as if nothing happened. We took note of the number plate. I can't see the driver though but I was quite sure I'd be able to find him or her as he or she must be someone living in the nearby apartment blocks or terrace houses. I swore to myself I'm gonna hunt him or her down if that's the last thing I'd do before I die. I just cannot let someone walk away like that from me after damaging my property and spoiling my nice morning drive. It's not about the money but my nerves need soothing. Even an apology would be nice but I needed someone to take accountability for the damages.

I couldn't believe just how easy it was to find the culprit as I spotted the black Proton Wira with the exact same number plate parked in front of a terrace house on my way home later that night. Judging from the decorations outside the house, the driver must have been an Indian. I knocked on the gate and an Indian guy came out wearing only shorts and looking bewildered. Without further ado, we asked if that is his car and when he said yes, we mentioned about the accident earlier that morning but he looked even more bewildered. Apparently, the wife is the one using the car to go to work every morning.

'Macha' trotted back inside and as we waited outside the gate, we can hear a husband who was surprised and feeling betrayed that his wife hid the accident from him and an angry and defensive wife who thought she don't have to pay when she damages other people's properties. When he finally came out from the house, he offered to pay RM50 for the very noticeable sratches to our much more expensive car's front bumper and then proceeded to very smugly ask us to report the accident to the police if we're not happy with the amount as we'd be in the wrong anyway. Said how he haven't gotten his salary for next month and how expenses are rising since it's near Deepavali, as if I would sympathise when his wife didn't even bother about MY property. Puh-lease! Only reconfirms my opinion that you're a loser, sucker!

As we bargain back and forth, the wife came out looking very much like the stupid broad that she is. She immediately when switched on her defensive mode again and very arrogantly declared that she didn't hit our car at all! The nerve. Luckily she was behind the gate else I would have gorged her eyes out! Grr!! I pointed out that she should have seen our car from the rearview mirror and hit the brakes when we honked and she replied saying she didn't hear any honking. Arrgghhhh!!! Voices started to be raised and it's apparently clear to me that she thinks she's not at fault at all for reversing into our car. Dumb bitch!

We decided to take the RM50 as arguing with these kinda morons isn't going anywhere and as no apologies were forth coming from both, I just had to rub it in a little before we left the house. I told her what a bad driver she is and how I would steer clear of the road whenever I see the same number plate again. Then I told her to look at the rearview mirror before she reverses and take note when people honks at her unless she's deaf. Oh boy, did she get upset or what! Her husband was hurrying to stuff her back into the house before it got ugly. I'm pleased now that she's pissed! Muahahaha!