Friday, December 29, 2006

Britney Fed Up With K-Fed

Hey, my posting title rhymes!

Anyway, today I'm just going to share with you another hilarious article I read. I forgot where it came from but it is SO sarcastic funny I just had to share it. I read it yesterday and it's still hilarious when I read it now. So here goes, enjoy.

Blame K-Fed's soaring success for Britney split

Wannabe rapper can now sell his CDs out of the trunk of his Ferrari

The story of “A Star Is Born” is by now familiar. A husband and wife in show business struggle to keep their union strong despite the fact that one of them finds fame and fortune while the other endures only heartache and disappointment. The most serious casualty in such a relationship isn’t a broken dream; it’s everlasting love.

I couldn’t help but gravitate toward the “A Star Is Born” model when the news broke that Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline are calling it quits. Obviously, the strain of astounding success juxtaposed against pathetic failure proved to be too much. Obviously, Britney just couldn’t deal with K-Fed’s meteoric rise into hip-hop royalty.

It must be brutal for Brit. One moment he’s lying around the mansion with his entourage siphoning her funds while trying to think of words that rhyme with “prenup,” then suddenly it’s all gone. No more insipid heart-to-hearts. No more unexplained late-night absences. No more pleas for career boosts. Just a big black hole where his love had been.

K-Fed’s status in the entertainment business has been massively misinterpreted, and, in turn, this breakup will appear to the unenlightened as Britney getting fed up with K-Fed.

Sure, he was booed recently during a brief appearance at the annual Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood. And he was booed at an appearance during a World Wrestling Entertainment match in L.A. And he reportedly had to plead to keep organizers from canceling a concert in a New York City club after only 300 people showed up in a room that holds 1,500. And shows at the House of Blues in Cleveland and Atlantic City were cancelled. And many in the hip-hop community reacted with derision and scorn after K-Fed performed at the Teen Choice Awards, including XXL magazine editor-in-chief Elliot Wilson, who said: “He doesn’t get that he’s Britney’s man and it’s hard to take him seriously.”

Also, there is his new CD, “Playing With Fire,” in which he raps about climbing out of obscurity in Fresno to enjoy a life of privilege and wealth as Britney’s husband. Rolling Stone’s Kevin O’Donnell called it “reprehensible,” while Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Willman gave it a grade of “F” and Stephen Thomas Erlewine of All Music Guide said, “It’s also a bore because he’s a boor.”

All of that is just jealousy. K-Fed has, above all else, street cred. The street in question might be Rodeo Drive, but still. People make such a big deal out of the fact that 50 Cent has been shot nine times. Try being K-Fed for a day. Try loading a day’s worth of shopping and 11 slacker buddies into one Rolls-Royce Phantom and then come talk to me about street cred.

Our finest hip-hop artists are where they are because they draw upon challenging life experiences and harrowing close calls to inspire their music. This is K-Fed all over. He’s a poster boy for adversity. For instance, recently he told Entertainment Weekly: “I used to be embarrassed to go to the store and buy tampons, but that’s all past tense. Once you make it through that, then you’re good.”

It’s possible that quote was taken out of context, but I don’t recall him saying that he was buying the tampons for Britney. If he wasn’t, if he was just buying them, then he is truly facing more hardship than any man should bear. Somewhere in that tragic situation is a song that, despite threats of more ridicule, demands to be written and performed before a sparse audience.

Britney made a recent appearance on “Late Night With David Letterman” and looked good. She had a sassy new blond hairdo and was clad in an enticing black dress. It was only a staged cameo, a mere morsel of celebrity banter, but it gave her an opportunity to meet the public during this trying time. The folks in Dave’s audience responded favorably, bathing her in applause.

But she obviously is hurting. Reminders are everywhere. Whenever she sees a married couple sitting together in a restaurant, she’ll immediately think of Kevin, especially if the guy is making the woman pick up the check. When she attends one of the major music awards shows, she’ll hobnob with fellow superstars backstage and long for the days when Kevin was beside her, asking her for 20 bucks for cigarettes.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Funniest Article of 2006

The article is taken from The Star Online's website on 28 Dec 06.

KUALA LUMPUR: One group that has been badly hit by the disruption of Internet access is the blogger community.

Most bloggers using overseas-based servers like Friendster, Xanga and MySpace have found it difficult to access their weblogs.

Blogger Joyce Wong said she only managed to upload a few sentences onto her blog.

“It is really getting to me because I have all my information and contacts online and I cannot get my work done,” said Wong, who is known as KinkyBlueFairy online.

For radio deejay cum music producer Johan Farid Khairuddin, the inability to post his blog meant that he has been disconnected from his fans. “I blog very frequently – every five minutes if I may say so – and this breakdown has affected me emotionally as I am unable to interact with others,” said the 26-year-old.

Student Adrian Teh, 22, who blogs and reads his friends' posts regularly, said he felt hopeless.

Tech and gadgets blogger Albert Ng said he was not affected by the disruption because his weblog was in a local server. However, he has had difficulties going to his friends' blogs as well as international e-mail sites.

Noor Faridah Zulkiflie was planning to revert to paper and pen since she was unable to post her blogs online. “I feel wretched now because I have lots of pent-up feelings but unfortunately cannot write about them,” said the 22-year-old student.

OK OK, so some part of the Internet was down yesterday but for the life of me I just cannot make the connection between that and using words like 'deprived', 'hopeless' and 'wretched' to describe one's feeling of being unable to blog for less than a day.

Seriously, why is our national newspaper compelled to publish this story is beyond me. Not that all news should be the serious, doom and gloom kind though. Aah, I get it. Must be for its entertainment value. I laughed my heart out reading the article above while drinking my coffee this morning. What a great way to start the day.

Sure blogging is fun but feeling deprived, hopeless and wretched just because you can write online? Get a life! And what's with blogging every 5 minutes? That's not blogging, that's just crazy! 10:05 Drinking coffee, 10:10 Peeing the coffee I just drank, 10:15 Checking emails, 10:20 Just breathing...

Is this article for real or what?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lord, help me please!

Now let me just tell you that I'm all for freedom in choosing one's religion and I have nothing against any other religion other than my own. So, that is why it irks me so much that a certain person I know had been trying to convert me and my friends to Christianity against our wishes.

Example of things the zealot had done:

1) Trying to get more people from her religion to join our group so that effort can be stepped up to convert the rest of us. I'm not making this up, she actually declared this out loud.

2) Suggested putting up posters of her idol, Jesus Christ, all around a common area shared by multi-racial people.

3) Chided me for wearing low-cut jeans and spaghetti strap because her pastor would definitely not approve of it in church. Excuse me, hello, I DON'T attend your church, woman! Bah!

4) Made us listen to her talks on Christianity for hours on end, sometimes forcing us to our skip lunches/dinners for it.
And the list goes on...

Now I know there are bound to be Christians reading this, so enlighten me please. Help me understand why is there a need for her to convert the rest of us so vigorously? Whatever happened to respecting the religion of others and freedom of choice?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Pouty Blonde Bond Rocks The Casino!

OK, so my first reaction to Daniel Craig as the new Bond is "UGH!". He's so blonde and what's with the pouting of the thin lips anyway? So after reading much good reviews on Casino Royale only did I decide to check him out.

I must say I kinda like this new Bond. He's so much more violent than when Pierce Brosnan was at the helm and SO sarcastically funny that I am mortified to tell you that I enjoyed the torture scene tremendously! For the benefit of those who has yet to watch the movie, let's just say it involves a very painful scene involving the male reproductive system. Am I sick? Nah!

However, I'm less than err, inspired by the much hyped-about Bond-out-of-the-water scene. I wonder if that only affects newlyweds but nothing stirred in me as he emerged from the water. I didn't hear any gasps from the audience near me nor even a sigh. In fact, I think I stifled a yawn right about that time.

Now don't get me wrong. The movie is good. Maybe a tad long for me to sit through at 2 and a half hours but the final verdict is, he did a damn decent job. More action, more thrill, more violence, more rawness and more pouting.

Say 'YES' to the blondie Bond!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Back! And Married!

Howdy mate! Guess what? I'm back after my honeymoon in Australia! As some of you might already know, I got married last month to the most wonderful man. *winks*

I was actually near nervous breakdown-point during the last couple of weeks before the wedding. So many little details to look into and so little time. On top of that, I had to wrap up all my stuff at work so that I can pass over my workload smoothly to this sweet young boy who just joined my department to hold the turf while I go koala-hugging. Needless to say, my plans to get a good night's sleep the night before the big day never materialized.

I barely had 4 hours of sleep before I woke up for my make-up session early in the morning. Family and friends started arriving and I was busy posing for the camera. All hell broke loose when the groom and his heng tais (close male friends) arrived. My chee muis (close female friends) and the heng tais made such a commotion but from my seat in my bedroom, I can hear that my chee muis were all having so much fun ragging the groom and the heng tais. Wish I was out there myself! Kudos to hubby and the heng tais for being so sporting and fun. You guys get 2 thumbs up from my chee muis for your 'performances' that day.

After a string of tea ceremonies at my house and again at hubby's place, it was time again to get me ready for the night's reception at the restaurant. Boy, I barely had enough time to grab some lunch and bathe before my make-up artist knocked on my door again. At the dinner, I was too busy to even eat! I remember a few spoonful of shark fins' soup and a bite of the fish and that's about it. Entertaining 600 people at one go is one tough job to tackle. Gosh, were we relieved when it was all over.

The next few weeks after that are the best times I've ever had in my life. All those carefree days of waking up late in each other arms with nought a worry in the world is pure bliss. We enjoyed our honeymoon in Australia tremendously. However, I'd leave my travel stories in Sydney and Melbourne for another posting.

I've got to go off early now as I'm learning how to cook! Me -> cook! Stop looking so shocked, people. You disgust me! :P

Friday, July 28, 2006

Buggers and Boogers

I've been taking the trains to work for the past year and I must say, the train can be a rather disgusting place.

Just the other day, a middle-aged couple boarded the train and took the seats a few feet away from me. They look like nice folks on their way to work. I was about to doze off when I noticed the most yucky thing a guy can do. The man started to dig his nose with gusto. I tried to shut my eyes to erase the horrendous image but it was no use. When I opened my eyes again, he was trying to flick off his 'golden nugget' from his finger. Not one flick but a few times! At that moment, I had to thank God that I was not seated directly opposite him. Imagine the sticky little bugger landing on my shoes or clothes. Eew!

He then proceeded to take out his mobile phone from his pocket and was busy pressing the buttons. I wouldn't borrow his mobile if it were the last piece of working communication device and I'm lost on a deserted island with James Blunt and Sean Paul (read here to find out why I hate them). I'm surprised the wife didn't hit him or something. If I'm here, I'd have divorced him! How's that for drastic measure?

Then how about those with nose hair sticking out for all their hairy glory? My fiance and I had the misfortune of meeting with a videographer whose nose hair was so prominently disguised as moustache it was unbelievable their didn't make their way into Ripley's. Though he quoted us the best price among all the videographers we've met, I told my fiancé to politely decline and we went with a higher-priced videographer as I do not have a wish to be photograped squirming during my wedding day. 'nuff said.

I need Dettol. For my eyes!

Friday, July 28, 2006

You're Pitiful, James Blunt

I was reading a forum the other day and a topic caught my eye. Something about songs that annoy the hell out of them the most and boy oh boy, do I have a long list or what? Here are my current top annoyances:

10) L.O.V.E - Ashlee Simpson

9) Old Newspaper - Jason Lo

8) Stars Are Blind - Paris Hilton

7) Check On It - Beyonce

6) Maneater - Nelly Furtado

5) Temperature - Sean Paul

4) We Be Burnin' - Sean Paul

3) High - James Blunt

2) Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt

and the one that tops the list is *drum roll*

1) You're Beautiful - James Blunt

I dunno what it is about James Blunt that irritates me so much so that he fills all Top 3 spots on my hate list. It a toss between the high-pitched whining he tried to pass off poorly as singing or the fact that he looked like a damn sissy for an ex-military man. To quote a fella forummer, 'I'd like to hit James Blunt with a VERY blunt object!'. Haha! How true.

In fact, I not only can't stand his voice, I can't stand the sight of him either. The best part is, I'm not the odd one out. Many people I've asked find him irritating as well. In fact, he also topped the annoying list in the above-mentioned forum. Hate that stupid video of 'You're Beautiful', especially when he starts taking things out from his pocket. I thought the entire video is inane and it drives me insane!

This is one guy that makes my blood boil at the very sight and sound of him! Kudos to Weird Al Yankovic for his version called 'You're Pitiful'. I like that version just fine. Then there's that awful Sean Paul. Ugh! He call that mumbo-jumbo he's sputtering out as singing? Puh-lease! Don't even get me started!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What the Hell?

So, today is supposed to be the end of times. The apocalypse. 666. The anti-Christ. Bla Bla bla. Yea, I kinda wish it was coming as then I won't have to sit here working my ass off. Alas, it isn't gonna happen that way as currently there's a 100,000-to-1 chance that we'll survive. Following that, I decided that the next best thing I can do now to cure me of my boredom is to share with you another sort of revelation that hit me while I was watching the American Idol finals the other day.

Now this is gonna blow your mind unlike any other. My fellow friends, behold the similarities below...

Check out those hairstyles dude! Prince and a Disney Gummi Bear sharing the exact same hairstyle! What are the odds of THAT?

Friday, June 02, 2006

PDRM and AAM Goes Hand-in-Hand in R-U-D-E-N-E-S-S

There's a joke going around among a group of my friends that my blog doesn't get updated if I don't get pissed off and so we all know where this post is going. I was happily chatting away with my colleague as we car-pooled together on the way home yesterday night and all of a sudden, the car started jerking just after we passed by UE3 on the way to Cheras. So, she slowly inched her way from the fast lane and the car died just as we reached the left lane.

With the emergency lights on, she quickly called AAM to get assistance. We didn't want to add to the jam more than we already did. While she was on the phone, a traffic police came along and we thought he would help to divert the traffic as the road was starting to get chocked up. Instead, Imbecile No. 1 strutted over and started scolding us. Hey look here moron, it's not our wish for the car to break down on a busy road! *rolling eyes*

Asswipe then rudely instructed my friend to shift the gear to neutral and for me to get down from the car. He just can't seemed to understand when we tried to explain that the car wasn't moving even though my friend had it in neutral as the engine had died and that I can't get out as the car had died while it was too near to a row of concrete slabs by the side of the road. "Turun! Turun! Turun! Neutral, letak neutral!" was all he was shouting. Didn't the PDRM check the guy's eyesight and hearing before allowing him on the streets as a representative of their traffic team?

After much scolding from him, a passerby-motorist stopped and helped him to push our car as I took over the AAM phone call from my friend as she had to man the steering wheels. The 2 guys pushed our car into the middle of the road, directly on the divider! The police-moron then proceeded to give us another round of scolding, "Tak tau turn ka?! Orang tolong awak, you duduk situ?!". He expects me to get down from the car as it was being pushed by him. Get down from a moving car into the oncoming traffic. He didn't even give me time to get out! Great! Grrr! He then just left us there without even asking if we need help.

Over the phone, I was being entertained by a very rude AAM customer service personnel, hereby referred to as Imbecile No. 2. She simply puts down the phone without warning after I give her all the details. How rude! When my friend's sister called back she had the cheek to say 'I already sent the tow-truck why you call again?!". Excuse me woman, you do work for AAM's Helpline don't you? We waited 45 minutes for the tow-truck guy to arrive and when he did, he too started scolding as to why we parked the car on the divider as it makes it hard for him to tow. Imbecile No. 3 then proceeded to ask us girls to push the car in our high heels and skirt!

Another traffic police came by after that and threatened to give us a summon as the tow-truck had stopped on the fast lane. Imbecile No. 4 stood there watching as we tried to push a Proton Wira. How helpful indeed! He only helped towards the last minute when he saw that there's no way we can get the car to move. After that he too dissapeared like the first traffic police.

The tow-truck guy then towed the car to a nearby petrol station and started complaining about how it's late and that it's after his working hours. "Saya dah nak balik dah, dah lewat ni. Saya tak boleh tunggu." As I know, AAM's coverage is 24 hours, you dipshit! I quickly called my friend to call AAM Helpline again and he then resentfully and relunctantly agreed to tow the car back to my friend's house after talking to the person on the phone.

There's gonna be hell to pay soon! We've made complains at the traffic police's and AAM's complaint center today. Let's wait for the party to begin.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Naked Truth or Blinding Balderdash?

Ever since my boyfriend popped "THE" question, we have been busying ourselves with the wedding plans. After the elders were properly informed, we had to choose the big date to walk down the aisle. I've never been the tradional or superstitious type but the elders insisted that we have our wedding date chosen by a fortune teller or someone like that. Images of a certain Feng Shui master and her toadly appearance immediately pop to mind and I shuddered.

So, one fine Saturday morning, we happily trotted off to see the 'Sifu'. I learnt that it had been hard to get the appointment that day as apparently, this is one very much sought-after man. The office was dark, air-conditioned and rather crammed. Not because the space is too small but because there was quite a queue while the phones were ringing off the hook! Whoever said you have to get a Degree to get a good paying job?

There were about 3-4 girls sitting at the reception area. I assumed they were his secretaries as they were the ones arranging the time for the meeting, getting the initial information about you, etc. Business was brisk all morning with all sorts of people seeking him for help on what to name their newborn babies, choosing the date for the grand opening of a new business, etc for a fee. Can't anyone decide anything on their own anymore? He ain't cheap too.

Anyway, we waited a while before being allowed to meet the guy. As it turns out, we didn't even get to meet him but only his son. Sonny spoke at bullet-train speed explaining to us something which I do not completely comprehend given my poor command of Chinese while gesturing at the Excel sheets that he had prepared. Wow, I didn't expect Junior to be so err, advanced.

Whatever happened to good old Chinese Ah Peks (old men in Hokkien) who sit under the tree and read your fortune while thoughtfully stroking his long beard? What's that you say? Who's facing extinction? No wonder Fat Blond Toad and her sorts are doing so well.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Top 10 Signs Your Boss is Out to Get You

10. It's 12.30pm and you were about to leave the office for lunch with a hot date when your Boss gives you a new assignment and and the deadline is 3pm. You missed lunch. And the hot date.

9. Boss suggests to go to a pricey, high-end restaurant for lunch and it is not a treat. Luckily you just visited the ATM.

8. It's Friday night and you are pulling in an overtime when the Boss gives you a bunch of new work that would take you days to finish and demands to have them in 3 hours. You worked through the night and came back on Saturday and stayed till 7pm. You missed Friday's dinner and Saturday's lunch. And you were sick with flu all the while.

7. Boss chides you for the smallest oversight on the morning of the first day of a major public holiday over the work done from the week before.

6. Boss displayed utter dislike and comtempt if you ever revealed that you hold your family dearer than work. You held your silence but secretly wished you were home now instead of slaving away like the lowly-paid and overworked minion that you are.

5. Boss made you sit through a meeting that lasted for 4 and 1/2 hours where no conclusion was derived but plenty of gossips and inane jokes that made you roll your eyes. You also missed dinner. And you suffer from gastric.

4. Boss then announced dislike and disrespect for people who waste time during meeting by doing nothing but dishing out plenty of gossips and inane jokes.

3. Boss said to do A and when you delivered the A, the boss turns around and barks at you for not delivering B. You get scolded again when you try to explain because the Boss is always right and you are always wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

2. Boss never talks to you unless to give you more work or to chide you more but she does talk bad about you behind your back. You spent your time trying to stay out of Boss's gossip radar.

1. Boss often "jeling" (look and quickly look away) at you in disgust. You grit your teeth.

DISCLAIMER: These are purely my opinions only and any resemblance to any Bosses living or dead is purely unintentional and coincidental.

p/s: On second thoughts, if you are anything like the Boss above then you ought to just go and hang yourself for being such a bastard/bitch that you are.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Humiliated in Sunway Pyramid Part II

Following the incident last Saturday where my fiancé and I were very rudely told to leave the Sunway Pyramid premises just because my fiancé had his arm over my shoulder, I've taken the liberty to create the below traffic sign for Sunway Pyramid. I wonder if they will implement it.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Humiliated in Sunway Pyramid

If you ever visit the Sunway Pyramid mall with your significant other then you HAVE to read this story.

Date : Saturday, 25th Feb 2006
Time : 9.10pm
Venue : Steel bench, outside TGV Sunway Pyramid

My fiancé and I had just finished dinner and was waiting for the movie 'The Pink Panther' to start at 9.25pm so he suggested we sit down and chat instead of aimlessly walking around. I thought it was a good idea to catch up since we had both been so busy with work the past few days. We found a seat nearby the cinema facing a Nokia phone shop. Having had a rough week at work, I was unloading on him and he in playing his part as a good partner was his offering support as he reached over and gave me a squeeze on my upper arm as he half hugged me with his right hand. Sometime passed before a guy suddenly, abruptly and rudely cut us off in the middle of our conversation.

We look up to find ourselves staring at a Malay guy in his mid-20s to early 30s. He was thin, with short-cropped hair and was wearing a striped Polo T-shirt and black slacks. In his right hand, he was holding an A4-size paper clipboard. I cannot remember what he said word for word a 100% but I was angry enough to remember the gist of it. He glared at us and hissed 'Tak boleh buat macam itu! Ini tempat public you tau tak?!'. Directly translated he said 'Cannot do like that! This is a public place you know or not?!'.

It took me a few seconds for the absurdity of the situation to sink in. I was like 'Excuse me?! WHAT did you say?!' and my fiancé was equally incredulous as he asked 'Tak boleh buat macam ini?!' (Translation: 'Cannot do like this?!'). The guy was looking at us with such contempt as if we were having sex right there on the bench for all the world to see as he responded with 'Saya dari Sekuriti; I boleh suruh you keluar dari sini! Jangan buat macam itu!' (Direct Translation: 'I'm from Security; I can ask you to leave this place! Don't do like that!')

I was beyond boiling temperature at this point when I countered back with 'Apa tak boleh buat macam itu? Sini banyak orang macam ini! You pergi beritahu mereka semua la!' (Direct Translation: 'What cannot do like that? Here lots of people do like this! You go tell them all la!') while gesturing at the other couples in the crowd. He seemed at a momentary loss for words and then he just walked off leaving us angry and dumbfounded.

What is wrong here? Was it a crime to have my fiancé having his hand around me or is it a backward mentality of this man, whoever he is? I have never felt this outraged before. I really felt like running after him and giving him a good scolding when he walked off. Luckily for him my movie was starting by then. It was a really funny comedy with many people in the audience clapping their hands over the jokes but I was still boiling inside to enjoy it fully.

I cannot believe that Sunway Pyramid hires this kind of person in their Security Department, that is if he is telling the truth about working there. I do not intend to visit Sunway Pyramid again if it means being humiliated in public by their staff over something as innocent as having my fiancé’s arm over my shoulder. The whole situation is totally ludicrous, totally ridiculous!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Corniest of Them All?

I dunno if it's fated or what but come every Chinese New Year, I will surely come across some stupid shows on TV that makes me wanna crawl in through the TV set and stick my foot up some arses but since I obviously can't, I'm compelled to blog about them. Last year it was the Alan Tam and Hacken Lee's concert. This year it is the Miss Chinese International 2006 Pageant.

I don't have any problems with the looks of the candidates as beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all and there are actually a few who would make my head turn a few times if I am a hot-blooded male. It was the pathetic performances they put on and the moronic answers they give during the Q&A session that really gets to me.

The performances were nothing to shout about as many were just flinging their arms about mindlessly under the pretext of some cultural dance that was just embarrassing to watch. It would have been less painful to watch paint dry. I also can't stand the stupid 'beauty pageant wave' they all gave. Whoever taught them to wave like that? Graceful my foot! It makes them look retarded, that's all.

Things gradually got worse during the Q&A session. They were supposed to pick out a Chinese food item at random and describe how the item is similar to them. There were items like 'pau' (bun), fried rice, etc. One particular contestant that nearly got me vomiting blood was the one who got the 'zhu sau' (literally means pig hand). In answering how it was similar to her, she said, 'Kei sat leh, chu hai hou chong meng geh'. Translated, she said, 'Actually leh, pigs are very smart geh'. What the fuck?! Since when have anyone heard that pigs are Harvard material? Apparently this broad has never heard of the expression 'Chun kor check chu' (Dumber than a pig)!

I don't remember which genius candidate that was but she certainly didn't win the title. Thank God! On a sadder note, I think I've just killed a few brain cells for having glimpse part of the show. What a load of crap TV is feeding us these days. Hmmphhh! Oh heck it, at least the Ang Pows I collected are in abundance this year. Hip hip hooray!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ga-ga Over Sony

Lately, I'm into the habit of spoiling myself silly. I am not really a shopaholic or a big spender but I just feel like giving myself some well-deserved treat from time to time. I mean what's the use of working my ass off when I can't even splurge a little on me?

It all started when I accompanied some friends into the Sony store in KLCC one fine night. It was there that I first laid eyes on the sexy Sony Cybershot DSC-T7. To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement. I made numerous trips back to the shop and also other camera shops to set loving gazes at my baby. I even considered T9 as it was the latest addition to the family. Choices, choices, choices. I hate choices sometimes.

I finally settled for the T5 which has the exact same features as the T7. Actually, I find that the T5 is even better than the T7 as it has internal memory which the gorgeous and more expensive T7 doesn't. The T5 is just a teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy bulkier than the T7 but I can look past that. The still slim and slender T5 still slips into my Levi's pockets just fine. No hassles when traveling at all. Love it to death!

I've been trigger-happy with the T5 ever since I got it and now I can't wait to court yet another one of my latest crush. It's the Sony Ericcson P990i smart phone. It's not even February 14 yet and love is already in the air. I hope my T5 won't be jealous of the P990i when it comes as I know I will be spending a lot, and I do mean a LOT of time with the P990i for a while.

Everything I've read about the P990i so far only makes me fall harder for it. It has touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, polyphonic ringtones, MP3, FM radio, Instant Messaging, Bluetooth, 3G, Infrared, USB port, WiFi, WAP, Opera browser, Word and Excel editor, PDF viewer, 2.0 Megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom and a host of other mind boggling features. Phew, I'm out of breath just typing them. How's a girl to resist?

Man, I feel like a bloke to go crazy over all these gadgets. Sony is just killing me with all these techno-babes! Pleaaasseeee stop!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Clubbing anyone?

Whoa, it has been a few slamming, wicked weeks into the New Year and I hadn't found time to blog at all. Seems like inspirations come to me easier when people were pissing me off right, left and center. However, idiots seemed to have steered clear off my path for the past few weeks now. Please turn around and walk the other way from now on too. Thank you.

Thai Club & Bistro, KL

I'm just kicking my heels back now and trying to enjoy life to the fullest while it's still moron-free. Seems like my luck has turned around from last year. Been back into the clubbing scene since Christmas and I must say I am really amused with some of the going-ons in our local clubs. Thai Club now plays funny Ah Beng type of songs which totally sucks and Liquid is like a ghost town on a Friday night. What gives?

Zouk, yea the building that kinda resembles a giant molar, was packed last weekend for the Guiness Black Party and the people turn out in droves. 99.9% were dressed in black too! The conformity impressed me. It was like the gathering of some covert black-skimpy-outfit cult. Guiness must be really pleased.

The dance floor didn't get crowded in the Main Room till almost 11pm and I had to keep avoiding this girl who was flinging her arms around wildly like a possessed demon. Maybe it is a cult after all and this is their ritual dance to summon the rain or something.

The only 2 people I saw who stood out like sore thumbs in the crowd were these 2 girls who were dressed not in black but in bright-colored T-shirts, Bermuda shorts and slippers! I thought they were lost!! Without any make-up on too!!! Brave souls they are. Too bad I forgot to bring my Sony T5 to record down this historic moment.

Alas, I got bored with the Main Room, Velvet Underground AND The Loft. Guess I'm getting too sober for clubbing.