Monday, November 20, 2006

Pouty Blonde Bond Rocks The Casino!

OK, so my first reaction to Daniel Craig as the new Bond is "UGH!". He's so blonde and what's with the pouting of the thin lips anyway? So after reading much good reviews on Casino Royale only did I decide to check him out.

I must say I kinda like this new Bond. He's so much more violent than when Pierce Brosnan was at the helm and SO sarcastically funny that I am mortified to tell you that I enjoyed the torture scene tremendously! For the benefit of those who has yet to watch the movie, let's just say it involves a very painful scene involving the male reproductive system. Am I sick? Nah!

However, I'm less than err, inspired by the much hyped-about Bond-out-of-the-water scene. I wonder if that only affects newlyweds but nothing stirred in me as he emerged from the water. I didn't hear any gasps from the audience near me nor even a sigh. In fact, I think I stifled a yawn right about that time.

Now don't get me wrong. The movie is good. Maybe a tad long for me to sit through at 2 and a half hours but the final verdict is, he did a damn decent job. More action, more thrill, more violence, more rawness and more pouting.

Say 'YES' to the blondie Bond!