Monday, December 18, 2006

Lord, help me please!

Now let me just tell you that I'm all for freedom in choosing one's religion and I have nothing against any other religion other than my own. So, that is why it irks me so much that a certain person I know had been trying to convert me and my friends to Christianity against our wishes.

Example of things the zealot had done:

1) Trying to get more people from her religion to join our group so that effort can be stepped up to convert the rest of us. I'm not making this up, she actually declared this out loud.

2) Suggested putting up posters of her idol, Jesus Christ, all around a common area shared by multi-racial people.

3) Chided me for wearing low-cut jeans and spaghetti strap because her pastor would definitely not approve of it in church. Excuse me, hello, I DON'T attend your church, woman! Bah!

4) Made us listen to her talks on Christianity for hours on end, sometimes forcing us to our skip lunches/dinners for it.
And the list goes on...

Now I know there are bound to be Christians reading this, so enlighten me please. Help me understand why is there a need for her to convert the rest of us so vigorously? Whatever happened to respecting the religion of others and freedom of choice?


Lucifer said...

you poor mortals....when will you wake up to the truth that the being you call god was just the figment of man's imagination to apeace himself of a future after one dies...

meekiee said...

Perhaps your friend used a different approach to share Christ with ya. I believe all your friends want are to share the goodness of Christ with ya. Not as bad as you think trying to convert you.

You're right, after all is a freedom of choice. And God up there gives you a choice too! :D Chill girl, is Christmas!

Have a merry one! :)

Schweeney said...

Thanks for your soothing words but she is really trying to convert us. She told us so! Grr...

Anyhow, Merry Xmas to you too! :)

jovis said...

Hello Susan, long time no see.

Well, I am a Christian too actually and I think maybe the way how she intro to you is wrong or not suit to your way.

The freedom is always there for you to choose which religion you want. God won't force people, Jesus Christ won't force people too.

Anyway, merry X'mas to you.

p/s* if you remember, that I never told you that which religion I am, you know the reason why?

Because I love freedom too.

ltkong said...


i think your friends are too aggresive in converting you to Christian. She have do it wrong way. Shouldn't force you into believing Jesus Christ.

It is your freedom to choice and nobody forcing you to join Christianity.

Btw, I am Christian too but never force the person to convert to Christian. What I did is share and it is up to him/her to believe. I've done my part.

So cheers up friend. Is Christmad holiday mood. :D

Schweeney said...

Hi guys, long time no see really! Hehe. How are you both?

I'm glad you guys are not zealots like her because her behaviour is NOT benefiting anyone. If you know me then you'd know that I have many Christian influences all throughout my life so I am especially annoyed that someone with a holier-than-thou attitude is literally shoving her religion down our throats. Maybe Full Gospel churchgoers are more fanatics than others? Hmmmm

babyPup said...

bah. some 'christian's believe that just by converting, it's a sure ticket to heaven (just like wat my auntie preaches)

little do they realise, christianity is not a nametag you wear, but how u live your live and how u passively influence others to live their lives.

Her very methods are very unchristian.. more like communist if u ask me.

Christ never forces religion to anyone - He allows it to come into you willingly.

So cheer up, be yourself and the next time ur so called friend tries to evangelise you, tell her' oh? is ok la. i alr join wicca. so , i tink better dun influence me '

bypass said...

Hi Babypup and all,

just a passby visitor here.

as babypup mention
"Christ never forces religion to anyone - He allows it to come into you willingly. "

9 out of 10 christian friend of me keep asking us to believe in lord, keep asking us to church, early morning of sunday, come to ours house and drive us to church. That is not force, but pushing. is that lord want christian to do?

as ltkong mention
"I am Christian too but never force the person to convert to Christian. What I did is share and it is up to him/her to believe. I've done my part."

ya, u didnt force, u brain wash. keep telling ppl how great is your lord.

my comment
- i'm believe in nothing. not buddist, not christian. one thing i really dont like christian is that, why christian like to keep asking ppl go to chruch with them. why alwasy ask ppl believe in lord?
- christian believe in their lord, because, they feel that lord guide them to the bright side of life. why cant just other religion also bright out our life? since we feel buddish or other religion we choose for, why christian still keep asking us to believe in their lord?

zewt said...

christians believe it is their responsibility to spread the word of god. of cos, not till the extend of your friend.

i have been a very strong christian turned devil turned laid back being turned chill christian.... and i can say tat... everything is a matter of the heart. there's no need to force anyone into anything. your friend needs to learn that.

at the same time, it is also not right to stereotype all christians based on your friend.