Thursday, November 19, 2009

The File Forwarding Saga

Now the below really happened sometime ago... read on readers.

June 29
Help Uber-biatch do data matching using 'vlookup' in Excel file. I added a new column to indicate 'Found' and 'Not Found' in the Excel.

Jul 7
Uber-biatch requested to do another round of matching on the same file which contains about 7K plus records.

Aug 14
Uber-biatch called to request to split the file into 2 list - 'Found' and 'Not Found' claiming she doesn't know how to do sorting nor auto filter hence she cannot calculate how many records are under 'Found' and how many are under 'Not Found'. At this juncture, I must point out that her position carries the word 'Manager' while mine only carries 'Senior Executive'.

Sep 1
Uber-biatch request to do another round of matching on the earlier unmatched list which is about 3K records in size now.

Sep 2 10:30 AM
Had meeting with Uber-biatch and vendor. Uber-biatch agreed to forward the file to vendor for further checking.

Sep 2 12:17 PM
Email from Uber-biatch that reads "Hi, can please forward the file to vendor today. The file is very big, thanks." followed by an SMS that reads about the same. I ignored. Forwarding file on behalf of someone that I am not even reporting to that doesn't even work in the same department nor the same division is not part of my job scope.

Sep 2 3:29 PM
Uber-biatch's email to vendor with me in the loop that reads "Hi, sorry the file is too big. I will get Schweeney to send to you ASAP". Again, i ignored.
Sep 2 6:38 PM
My reply to Uber-biatch's email "The file has already been sent to you by XYZ on 1 Sep 09. Could you please use that and forward it to vendor instead? Thank you!"

Sep 2 7:00 PM
Uber-biatch SMSed to tell me she accidentally deleted the file while cleaning her mailbox so can I help to forward it to vendor. Same shit, different medium.

Sep 2 7:34 PM
My email to Uber-biatch "Resending since you lost it."

Sep 2 8:35 PM
Uber-biatch SMSed again saying "Hi. Can you pls fwd d file directly to vendor. Its 5MB and I can't send it out. My mailbox is already max out. Tks."

Sep 2 9:07 PM
Me replying Uber-biatch saying "Sorry mine as well after sending to u". Hah, how you like your own medicine now.

Sep 3 10:30 AM
Uber-biatch called my staff to get her to forward the file to vendor giving the same bullshit about the file being too big and her mailbox being too full. Yada-yada.

Sep 3 11:09 AM
Uber-biatch finally sent the file to the vendor on her own.

Sep 3 12:28 PM
Uber-biatch emailed my staff again while leaving me out of the loop saying "Can please send the file to vendor. I have sent it to him and deleted it after that, rgds."

Now, what we don't understand is, if the file is SO DARN BIG as she claimed, then we would have the same problem sending it out. And if she can send the file to us, I don't see why she can't send it out to vendor. Also, if she had been cleaning her mailbox as she claimed she did, then her mailbox wouldn't be full anymore. I smell something fishy going on here. What is it about the file that she can't send on her own to vendor? I'm not even supposed to be liasing with the vendor so we ignored her request again. I wonder how long this saga is going to last. Uber-biatch has been relentless in this.