Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spidey's New Costume Unveiled

Spotted on Sunday, 20 May 2007 in a Toyota showroom is Spiderman's new costume! Yup, you saw it first, here, on this blog, not Marvel. Feast your eyes, ladies and gentleman... *drum rolling*

"Does green shorts make me look fat?"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Food Review: Want to drink some 'dahl'?

Being a pumpkin-soup-virgin, I didn’t know how pumpkin soup should taste like but last week I had the chance at this high-class pretentious place that we shall call Restaurant X. To sum up the soup, I had to say it was utterly and indescribably yucky! Imagine drinking an orange concoction that tested exactly like how dahl would taste like if you blended it with water. You know dahl, those curry-like stew you dipped your roti canais in. "Blended dalh" is as close a description as it can get and it tastes as gross as it sounds. Later my friends and I found out that the pumpkin soup tasted like it did because they had been prepared with a sprinkle of cumin. How weird we thought. I'm never gonna try soups listed as 'Chef's Creation' in the menu ever again!

"This is dahl but imagine drinking a watery version of this."

Nevermind that, our main course was a cold slab of fish served with an indistinguishable brownish sauce and an equally indistinguishable light brown sauce. Dessert was a big plate with half a slice of strawberry, cinnamon ice-cream and warm apple crumble tart. The only edible thing that tasted good to me was the dessert. Thank God for them as I was close to gagging because of the fishy smell from the main course.

Now anyone would have stayed away from this restaurant but no, we had to be dragged there again only a week later. We were reluctant to try again but someone dangled the 'Different Menu' carrot on us. And indeed what a difference it was, not just from the previous menu but from all the other restaurants we ever been to. Our appetizer was a plate of vege + sliced boiled egg + tuna + cubed baked potatoes and beans!

"Appetising? Yes?"

A feeling of dejavu washed over me as I tried to down this. It was just as bad as the pumpkin soup. I was starting to feel like I'm caught up in some Fear Factor show by now. Anyone time now Joe Rogan would pop up from nowhere and scream "Fear Factor Lunch Hour Invasion!" in my face. But no, instead the main course arrived and it was even worse. We were served tempura but I dunno what kind of flour or oil they use to fry the seafood with cause they tasted like leftovers to me. The chili + tomato + mayonnaise that we piled on only help to make it ever so slightly better.

Lastly, our dessert came and much to my disappointment, the pistachio ice-cream tasted like an almond-flavored one instead. Horrors! Anyone ever being forced to drink almond soup as a child? If yes, then you'd know what it was like to drink an almond soup mixed with tears for 2 hours. Lucky for the half slice of strawberry and brownies to drown out the horrible taste. It's also interesting to note that they served the dessert while we were still chowing away on the tempura. Insert *raised eyebrow* here.

"Chocolate fondant served with chocolate sauce and pistachio ice cream"

I really don't understand why people would voluntarily pay good money for this place. Sure, we get a nice view of the Eye on Malaysia but is it worth it? It's not like they even had cute waiters and service is clearly something else they don't excel at. This place gets a lowly undeserving '2' on the Bad Ass Chick's rating scale.

Stay away from a certain 24th floor in our nation's capital's city center. You've been warned!