Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Complain, If You Wanna Live Longer

Just this year alone, I must have filed at least half a dozen complaints against numerous organizations. I didn't want to but they were just begging for it. How can I refuse?

Case 1:
Went for lunch with my boyfriend at this restaurant and the service was painstakingly slow. It would have been more fun to watch paint dry! Requests went unfulfilled even after several reminders. Sent a complain letter to the owner of the restaurant to voice my dissatisfaction soon after.

Case 2:
Mom bought an air-conditioning unit with a price tag of RM1450 but was charged RM1486 when she paid using credit card. I raised the issues among some friends and majority said that the merchant had a right to do so. I wasn't satisfied as most people simply spew forth bullshit without knowing any better anyway. A call to the local authorities confirmed that charging a customer more than the stipulated price even when they pay using credit cards is an offence. I happily lodge a complaint against them right there and then. The merchant should be hearing from the government boys anyday now.

Case 3:
Stopped by a local branch of Bank Bumiputra Commerce to have my address changed and realized that I forgot to bring my account number along with me. The customer service desk was empty but there was 2 officers sitting nearby. I asked for the forms to fill to change my address and politely requested if one of them could help me check my account number from the customer service's terminal but they told me to take a number and queue up. Fine. After a few minutes of waiting I realized I was running late to get back to the office and walked over to one of the Malay lady officer still sitting there and asked if I can faxed the form over after I had the account number filled in. She had forgetten her own company's fax number it seems so I again politely requested her help in looking for it. Her exact reply was 'Aiyah no need to fax la... you bring over to the office lor...'. What she is really saying is, she's a lazy bitch who's too useless to even just help look for a fax number for a customer. A phone call to the complaint department later soothed my nerves.

Case 4:
My manager had the nerves to tell our Managing Director that 3 of his staff, including me, resigned in the space of less than one year because the project we are working on is a bit too tough to handle. The fuckface was implying that we can't handle our jobs which is a TOTAL LIE! I have since emailed my MD to set the record straight, thank you very much.

Case 5:
Placed a booking for an apartment in February with LBS Bina Group Berhad's sales office's agent and didn't hear from the agent again at all after that. He promised to arrange for the bank loan but he didn't. I had to call and arrange my own loan and by that time I got it done it was already April. The bank agent told me the lawyers would call regarding signing of the S&P documents within a maximum of 3 weeks. 3 weeks passed into May and after a lot of calls to the sales office, developer and lawyers and sifting through the bullshit of the agent, I found out that the agent had done zilch since my booking was placed. A storm brought upon the director of the developer company helped me recover my booking fees and I cancelled the sales with them even when the director cheesily offered a rebate of over RM2000 if I don't cancel the sale. What?!! RM2000 and you think you can buy me over? Yea right! You should go kill yourself for being so cheap! Anyhow, I've lodged a report on them with the local authorities. Go me!!!