Monday, March 10, 2008

Malaysian General Elections 2008

With the General Elections just over, many Malaysians like me all over the country are feeling ecstatic with the outcome. It is so exhilarating seeing democracy at work. I don’t remember being ever so hyped up about elections in our country before this but this time around, I can literally feel the winds of change blowing even before the campaigning had even started. My family and I stayed up till the wee hours of Sunday morning to cheer and boo as the election results were trickling in on the television screen.

It is of no secret that many Malaysians had been generally dissatisfied with the ruling government. The government was either both blind and deaf not to realize or they were just pretending that nothing was wrong and hope the anti-establishment sentiments it will blow over in time. Either way, it did not do them any good not to listen to the voice of the ‘rakyat’. The Malaysians voters had matured over the years and we are not a child so easily pacified with a candy anymore.

I may not be any political analyst but even I can tell that we will be seeing an extremely exciting era in the government pretty soon. I personally feel that the Indian community will be even more dissatisfied with Samy Vellu for not being gracious enough to offer his resignation ala Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon even after MIC suffered such a huge humiliating and embarrassing defeat at the polls. Enough is enough already. The guy just can’t seem to take the not so subtle hint from the people he is supposed to be representing. Honestly, I feel not an ounce of sympathy to see him going down.

Also, any less than honest outgoing officials of those states won by the Opposition are now cowering in fear as it seems that Opposition supporters are hell-bent of digging up any past corruptions details or wrongdoings. I predict that more skeletons will be coming out of a myriad collection of closets in the months to come. Its drama time and I can’t wait for the premiere. I hope to see that no more politicians will be off the hook with just a slap in the butt even when they built a mansion illegally and that no more bills will be passed or changed in the Parliament without a closer scrutiny.

The loose alliance of DAP-PAS-PKR will face tough and challenging times ahead of them as government seeing as to how most are tasks with the job for the first time. They better do a kickass job if they want to get re-elected for the next term. After all the fiery ceramahs, Malaysians would not expect anything less. I however wish them all the best and pledge my full support for them because when I woke up this morning, I felt than the sun was just a little bit brighter and the birds singing were just a little chirpier knowing that check-and-balance is now present in the government.

I say we ‘yam seng’ to a better, fairer, more transparent and accountable government. YAM SENG!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Many moons had passed since I last posted in my blog. Now, I know many of you are asking why I stopped writing. Well, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

The story started many months ago when I tied my Blogger account to my Gmail account, or so I thought at the moment. You see, when we tie a Blogger account with a Gmail account, we had to key in our Gmail address and also provide the correct password to the Gmail account. After a successful tie-in, you only had to key in the Gmail address and the password to the Gmail account to gain access to your Blogger account therefore making away with a separate username to the blog.

Say for instance, my gmail is with the password ‘ccc’. I remembered the username wrongly and I keyed in with the password ‘ccc’ and voila, it goes through. I didn’t suspect anything was amiss since I hardly use the Gmail account anyway. After all why should I since I can provide the correct password.

Many months had passed until one fine day I discovered that I can’t login to my Blogger account anymore. I then proceeded to try to login to the account and discovered that I can’t login either. Just out of sheer curiosity, I tried and when I see my own inbox it finally hit me that I had tied my blog to a total stranger all these while. A stranger residing in another country with a similar name as me but not quite me.

This stranger must have changed the password and with that, I can’t access my blog either. Holy crap! I tried emailing Google for help but to no avail. I also tried getting help from forums and discussion sites but to success whatsoever either. As a last resort, I even emailed the owner of the account for help but the bitch wasn’t responding. What’s a bad ass chick to do?

So last weekend, after half a year of frustation, I decided that all avenues had been exhausted and decided to do the unmentionable. All I can say now is, it feels good to be back! Hip hip hooray!!!