Friday, July 28, 2006

Buggers and Boogers

I've been taking the trains to work for the past year and I must say, the train can be a rather disgusting place.

Just the other day, a middle-aged couple boarded the train and took the seats a few feet away from me. They look like nice folks on their way to work. I was about to doze off when I noticed the most yucky thing a guy can do. The man started to dig his nose with gusto. I tried to shut my eyes to erase the horrendous image but it was no use. When I opened my eyes again, he was trying to flick off his 'golden nugget' from his finger. Not one flick but a few times! At that moment, I had to thank God that I was not seated directly opposite him. Imagine the sticky little bugger landing on my shoes or clothes. Eew!

He then proceeded to take out his mobile phone from his pocket and was busy pressing the buttons. I wouldn't borrow his mobile if it were the last piece of working communication device and I'm lost on a deserted island with James Blunt and Sean Paul (read here to find out why I hate them). I'm surprised the wife didn't hit him or something. If I'm here, I'd have divorced him! How's that for drastic measure?

Then how about those with nose hair sticking out for all their hairy glory? My fiance and I had the misfortune of meeting with a videographer whose nose hair was so prominently disguised as moustache it was unbelievable their didn't make their way into Ripley's. Though he quoted us the best price among all the videographers we've met, I told my fiancé to politely decline and we went with a higher-priced videographer as I do not have a wish to be photograped squirming during my wedding day. 'nuff said.

I need Dettol. For my eyes!

Friday, July 28, 2006

You're Pitiful, James Blunt

I was reading a forum the other day and a topic caught my eye. Something about songs that annoy the hell out of them the most and boy oh boy, do I have a long list or what? Here are my current top annoyances:

10) L.O.V.E - Ashlee Simpson

9) Old Newspaper - Jason Lo

8) Stars Are Blind - Paris Hilton

7) Check On It - Beyonce

6) Maneater - Nelly Furtado

5) Temperature - Sean Paul

4) We Be Burnin' - Sean Paul

3) High - James Blunt

2) Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt

and the one that tops the list is *drum roll*

1) You're Beautiful - James Blunt

I dunno what it is about James Blunt that irritates me so much so that he fills all Top 3 spots on my hate list. It a toss between the high-pitched whining he tried to pass off poorly as singing or the fact that he looked like a damn sissy for an ex-military man. To quote a fella forummer, 'I'd like to hit James Blunt with a VERY blunt object!'. Haha! How true.

In fact, I not only can't stand his voice, I can't stand the sight of him either. The best part is, I'm not the odd one out. Many people I've asked find him irritating as well. In fact, he also topped the annoying list in the above-mentioned forum. Hate that stupid video of 'You're Beautiful', especially when he starts taking things out from his pocket. I thought the entire video is inane and it drives me insane!

This is one guy that makes my blood boil at the very sight and sound of him! Kudos to Weird Al Yankovic for his version called 'You're Pitiful'. I like that version just fine. Then there's that awful Sean Paul. Ugh! He call that mumbo-jumbo he's sputtering out as singing? Puh-lease! Don't even get me started!