Friday, March 25, 2005

Boo! I see you!

You know how people always say that our dreams are sort of like an extension of our subconscious mind? Well, I dunno what's lurking in mine, but the other day, I dreamt that a female ghost was sleeping right next to me!

In the dream, I was sleeping as usual on my single bed in my bedroom when I suddenly woke up for no reason and turn to look to my left. Lo and behold! A stranger, whom my gut feeling tells me is undoubtedly and definitely a ghost, was inches away from me. *Gulp* She has shoulder length hair, dark complexion, around her early 30s, not bad looking too I might add (Hehe!) and was wearing a batik-print dress. She was sleeping on her right side and staring at me. Needless to say, I screamed but no voice came out.

Then the most amazing thing happenned. I raised a finger and poke her right at her shoulder blade! I didn't know I have the nerves to poke a ghost who has taken a liking to my bed before. Anyway, as if having a ghost for a bedmate wasn't scary enough, she actually smiled at me when I poked her! She gave me this devilish grin that tells me she's up to no good. *Faint* I opened my mouth to scream again and I then noticed that my mom was sleeping on my right side. This is physically impossible on my single bed and besides, I sleep alone in real life.

Nevermind that, I tried to wake my mom up but she was oblivious to my fate. Not giving up, I pulled her hand and made her touch the ghost stationed next to me and her hand went right through the blasted thing. At that point, all hell break loose as I was screaming so loudly I woke myself up.

What a dream! I'd never forget that smile!