Friday, March 25, 2005

Boo! I see you!

You know how people always say that our dreams are sort of like an extension of our subconscious mind? Well, I dunno what's lurking in mine, but the other day, I dreamt that a female ghost was sleeping right next to me!

In the dream, I was sleeping as usual on my single bed in my bedroom when I suddenly woke up for no reason and turn to look to my left. Lo and behold! A stranger, whom my gut feeling tells me is undoubtedly and definitely a ghost, was inches away from me. *Gulp* She has shoulder length hair, dark complexion, around her early 30s, not bad looking too I might add (Hehe!) and was wearing a batik-print dress. She was sleeping on her right side and staring at me. Needless to say, I screamed but no voice came out.

Then the most amazing thing happenned. I raised a finger and poke her right at her shoulder blade! I didn't know I have the nerves to poke a ghost who has taken a liking to my bed before. Anyway, as if having a ghost for a bedmate wasn't scary enough, she actually smiled at me when I poked her! She gave me this devilish grin that tells me she's up to no good. *Faint* I opened my mouth to scream again and I then noticed that my mom was sleeping on my right side. This is physically impossible on my single bed and besides, I sleep alone in real life.

Nevermind that, I tried to wake my mom up but she was oblivious to my fate. Not giving up, I pulled her hand and made her touch the ghost stationed next to me and her hand went right through the blasted thing. At that point, all hell break loose as I was screaming so loudly I woke myself up.

What a dream! I'd never forget that smile!


Anonymous said...

Weii... don't scare people leh, tonight I am sleeping alone in my room.

I guess you must be very tired from your software development work lah.

Take some time off, away from work and PC, destress and all the nightmares should go away. ^_^

Alucard said... least you can poke da ghostie..



kktan said...

.....pretty ghost....

phangan said...

whoa... pretty scary huh...

princessE said...

I dreamt of ghosts or ghouls a few weeks back too. Or at least it felt like ghosts. In one dream, it was chasing me incessently while I circled round the tables and chairs. The dream definitely scared me to the point of me trying to find out the meaning behind these dreams. I found dreaming abt ghosts means 2 things; either you are haunted by the past ot it is a symbol of you beginning of a new chapter in your life. Well, I do hope it's the latter since I should be experiencing it now. :)

weezy said...


Schweeney said...

Well, I'm just glad she hasn't revisited! Hehe.

Oops, I hope I didn't speak too soon. :P

PuppySlayer said...

If you're dreaming of beautiful naked females lying next to you, then it's a clear sign you're a closet lesbian.

Schweeney said...

But naked 'she' was not. :P

Chewxy said...

Dreams are not only an extention of your subconcious mind. In the space of a mental dimension, time and space does not matter, just like in quantum space. One moment, an electron is at point A the next moment, the electron is in the future.

Dreams can be divided into 2 kinds. One is an extention of your subconcious mind, as you said, and the other is more of a premontitial dream. Why? Think Quantum Physics :D

So, when you have dreams of ghost, it doesn't literally mean you're sleeping with ghosts. The fact that you can see her in her full form (i.e face and body can be seen in a dream, coz some people don't see faces in such a dream) and you actually overcame your fear and touched the ghost's shoulder blade would mean that somewhere in the future, you'd probably have to overcome your fear. Or maybe somewhere in the past, you overcame your fear already. The smile about her up to no good.. who knows, maybe in the near future somebody will play you.

As I said, in dreams, space and time does not matter. So, it IS physically possible that your mom is sleeping on the right side. Call it quantum :D

What I said can be found in a brit medical journal called neuropsychologia.


Chewxy said...

Something extra : Tonight when you go to sleep, program yourself to have a lucid dream, and to have the same dream.

Lucid dreams are dreams where you are aware you are dreaming, and you can manipulate all the events in your dream.

before you go to bed, tell yourself, that you would have the same dream again, and this time, you would be able to control the dream.

Then ask questions :D

Schweeney said...

Hahaha! That's mighty interesting and thanks for the tip. :)

But I really do not wish to meet 'her' again, much less ask 'her' questions. LOL! :P

Chewxy said...

Interesting... why don't you want to meet her again?

Most people would like to. Well..

Schweeney said...

Well, what can I say? It helps if it's a hunk instead of a chick. :P