Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My 'Good Charlotte' Day

It all started innocently enough. Girl listens to the radio and finds Good Charlotte has some pretty darn catchy songs. Girls hear news of their concert in KL and girl gets excited but little did girl know that things will quickly turn into rollercoaster ride from thereon.

Event : MTV Live Featuring Good Charlotte
Date : Saturday, 21st April 2007
Venue : Carpark A, Bukit Jalil Stadium, KL
Time : 8.00pm

First of all, I've tried entering every freaking contest I came across to secure 2 tickets to the concert. MTV? Check. Digi? Check. Junkonline? Check. Star newspaper? Check. Sony BMG? Check. Did I miss out any? Probably so but still, all those contests and nothing. Hubby had to buy the tickets from this dude we found off the net. OK, so I got a pretty decent price for VIP tickets. I managed to bargained down the price from RM100 for each VIP tickets to RM120 for both but still, curse MTV and Digi for all the hassle! Bah!

Anyway, the long-awaited day finally arrives. Hubby was working half day so I did my wifey duties at home. By 5pm I was dead exhausted from the chores I had completed seeing how Saturday is the only day I do them. Took a short nap as it was raining and I sure as hell ain't gonna stand in the rain at the concert venue. I wore my 5-inches-high knee-high boots as I figured I needed the extra height to see past the see of heads at the concert later as I know I'm no basketball player material. And no, I'm not crazy to wear heels to a standing concert as I'm used to them.

So, out we went to grab some snacks and lo and behold, my heels broke just as I was about to step out from the car! Damnit, now of all times? So we detoured to a nearby relative's house and grabbed the nearest pair of shoes we can find that fits me which so happens to be a pair of pink slippers. My extra height dream just fell flat on my face there and then.

Nevermind that, I kept my spirits high in the thought that we'd be rocking with Good Charlotte soon. Was really pleased to find the VIP entrance without so much as a queue when the normal entrance was jammed up with snakes of people. Phew, RM120 bucks well spent I thought. We reached the mosh pit to find that hey, we're only like 5 rows from the front of the stage. How cool is that? I can finally see up Joel and Benji's nostrils if I so inclined. Awesome! Kiddin, that's just gross no matter who they are.

It was a long hot stuffy wait as the concert started at about 9pm when it was supposed to have started at 8pm. *rolleyes* I heard some fanatic fans actually started queuing up at like 5pm! Gosh! I started to have difficulty breathing as the air was getting really stuffy from the crowd and the spotlights beaming down on us only made the air hotter and stuffier. One dude standing close to me had terrible BO. *gag* RM120 doesn’t seemed so well spent now.

However, that was quickly forgotten as VJ Colby and VJ Denise Keller appeared on stage to introduce One Buck Short followed by VJ Utt and VJ Nur Fazura (Putri from the Gol & Gincu series), Estranged and finally, Lo. Now I just had to mention how incredibly handsome Utt is. So much more better looking than when he's on TV. Face..., body..., he is just purr-fect! *salivating*

So, after an hour plus later and much sweating and shoving from the much TALLER people all around me, Good Charlotte finally makes their appearance. I was still in high spirits, jumping around to their songs but I didn't get far. Only halfway through the 2nd song, 'Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous', which so happens to be one of my favourite songs from them, the unthinkable and the unimaginable happened. I fainted!

I still dunno what happened. I was jumping around to the song then suddenly I felt very tired and very sleepy. I leaned back against my hubby and then I tried to stand up straight again. I opened my eyes once more but the sleepiness was just overwhelming. I remembered leaning back at hubby for the second time and the next thing I knew, I was asleep, floating and dreaming. I dunno how long it passed before I came to. I felt someone checking my breathing and I heard 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl' blaring in the background. Only then did I realize that I was actually being carried out away from the crowd.

Funny thing is, when woke up, I was clutching somebody's shoe like it was a bolster and my slippers have gone MIA. After resting and drinking some water, I was fine and wanted to get back to the mosh pit but couldn't as I was walking around barefoot. We decided to watch from our seats afar and left by 11pm. Hubby gave me a piggyback ride back to our car. Was really sad I couldn't enjoy the concert as much as I had wanted to. I've been to many concerts in the past and had never fainted like this before. Even survived the much more crowded sardine-can-like snake pit in Linkin Park's concert. Must be the exhaustion + hunger + dehydration + stuffy smelly air at the mosh pit this time.

To the girl who lost a shoe, I'm so sorry! I didn't know how your shoe ended up in my hands. To Good Charlotte, you guys were great, please come back again. Last but not least, thanks to my honey for being so sweet throughout the entire day.