Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Freeloader Superstar

I was watching Alan Tam's and Hacken Lee's concert on TV while waiting for my mom to get ready during the recent holiday. Duo was happily prancing around on stage and the mob crowd was flattening one another in an attempt to shake their hands. Actually more like slapping hands but who cares? It's a bacteria-infested-2-seconds touch from the stars after all.

Nothing very interesting and I was about to change the channel when I saw that not only are the crowd waving their hands in their feeble attempts to come in contact with the stars, they are frantically waving 'ang pows' (red packets with money giving out by the Chinese during the 15 days of Chinese New Year).

Hacken: "I'm not talking to a cheapo!"

I watched with amusement as these people eagerly offer the ang pows to the two in return for a brief contact. What a bunch of losers! Not only are they making the already rich duo richer from attending the not-so-cheap concert but they are giving them more money! What a life! It's good to be a superstar.

Of course, it's their money and some ang pows are probably empty or just filled with a piece of red paper for good luck for all we know but what disgust me is how Alam Tam went around collecting them with glee. He even had a huge slingbag like the ones favored by schoolgirls strapped across the shoulder! The guy has no shame! Hacken Lee was much better, at least he looked suitably grateful for the nice gestures from his fans and he didn't walk around singing with a huge pink slingbag with bling-bling.

What's with the big bag Alan? Shame on you!