Monday, May 31, 2004

The Ugly Malaysians

I've encountered so many the past couple of days I just had to let out some steam:

Case #1:
While waiting in line for my food order, I didn't realize that a girl next to me had already lay claim to a tray in front of us by putting a small cup of chillies on it and I happened to put my chopsticks in the same tray without realizing that as someone was busy talking to me. The next thing I knew she said very rudely, "Miss, lee kor tray hai lei geh meh?!! (Miss, this tray is yours meh?!!)". I apologized and said I didn't realize the tray is hers. She in turn rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest. Wah lau eh, she could have just pointed out my mistake without sounding SO rude.

Case #2:
My mom bought a sweater from this shop without realizing there's a small hole somewhere on the back. When she took it back about 20 minutes later and asked whether she can change to a new sweater or another item with the same price, the lady owner just shouted from the back of the shop that it's our mistake that we didn't check the sweater roperly before buying it and we can't change to a new sweater or another item of the same price. Can she do that? She's selling defective items!

Case #3:
My dad stopped his vehicle to let a car make his right turn first before proceeding and instead of showing gratitude, he showed the middle finger to my dad while the gf/wife sat beside him!

Case #4:
My colleague was making a U-turn and out of nowhere this motorcyclist appeared and banged straight into my colleague's car. What I don't get is, while the motorcyclist was apologetic as he was also at fault, some of the passer-bys on that road rolled down their windows, shouted and scolded my friend for the accident as they passed by. It isn't even their problem!

I just don't get it! Why do people behave this way? Malaysia Boleh!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Wannabes and Show-offs Make Me Sick!

Did you ever notice that lotsa Malaysians are wannabes and show-offs?

Just the other, I was standing in line behind a couple of fat-ass Malay ladies in Midvalley when a female friend of theirs who came late joined them in the queue. I was watching with amusement as they embrace each other in greetings than proceeded to *muakss muakss* each other in the cheeks as seen on tv. Now, I wonder if they do that each time they meet or just when there's a lot of people around watching? What happened to the Moslem way of greeting where they 'bersalam'? However, I did notice that they didn't pull the same *muakss muakss* stunt when a male friend joined them. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Then what about those Indian boys that like to dress up like they're a bunch of African Americans? The Petronas advert sometime ago is spot-on about them. I know of an Indian guy whose name is Anand Sebastian but he'd be embarassed when he's called Anand and insist on the more glamor name of Seb! Puh-lease! If your name is Muthusamy a/l Balasundram then by all means be proud of it and say your name is Muthusamy a/l Balasundram and not Sam or whatever-shit-you-come-up-with-because-you-are-too-embarassed-with-your-birth-given-name! People like these disgust me! Reshmonu is the perfect poster boy for these bunch of posers!

I've also noticed how slightly (almost negligible) above average looking Indian girls act like they're God's gift to the world. They walk with their noses up in the air that is just begging me to give them a piece of my mind. I can find thousands other women who's better looking faster than you can say 'Bitch!'. Maybe only the bird-brained Sebs and Sams above might want to get in their pants but I wouldn't care to look twice at girls like that.

Some Chinese girls didn't fare much better either. I saw one young girl in some weird set-up complete with ponytails and white knee-highs like she just popped out from some Japanese teen magazine along Jalan Imbi recently. Can't you people have more personality rather than just following trends blindly? She looked as out of place as my booted foot up her arse! Oh wait - that would actually look more appropriate because she looked simply ridiculous!