Monday, May 31, 2004

The Ugly Malaysians

I've encountered so many the past couple of days I just had to let out some steam:

Case #1:
While waiting in line for my food order, I didn't realize that a girl next to me had already lay claim to a tray in front of us by putting a small cup of chillies on it and I happened to put my chopsticks in the same tray without realizing that as someone was busy talking to me. The next thing I knew she said very rudely, "Miss, lee kor tray hai lei geh meh?!! (Miss, this tray is yours meh?!!)". I apologized and said I didn't realize the tray is hers. She in turn rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest. Wah lau eh, she could have just pointed out my mistake without sounding SO rude.

Case #2:
My mom bought a sweater from this shop without realizing there's a small hole somewhere on the back. When she took it back about 20 minutes later and asked whether she can change to a new sweater or another item with the same price, the lady owner just shouted from the back of the shop that it's our mistake that we didn't check the sweater roperly before buying it and we can't change to a new sweater or another item of the same price. Can she do that? She's selling defective items!

Case #3:
My dad stopped his vehicle to let a car make his right turn first before proceeding and instead of showing gratitude, he showed the middle finger to my dad while the gf/wife sat beside him!

Case #4:
My colleague was making a U-turn and out of nowhere this motorcyclist appeared and banged straight into my colleague's car. What I don't get is, while the motorcyclist was apologetic as he was also at fault, some of the passer-bys on that road rolled down their windows, shouted and scolded my friend for the accident as they passed by. It isn't even their problem!

I just don't get it! Why do people behave this way? Malaysia Boleh!!!


Anonymous said...

still having the third world mentality, that's why


Anonymous said...

Take your no. 2 case for example. Just make helluva scene there..and he'll sure change for you. Like you I'm pissed at people like that. Once i bought a PS2 game..and it didn't work. Anyway it's only RM3.5 per dvd..hehe..i took it to them 2 weeks later. Hey..i'm from Kajang and Sg. wang is so far. And that f#$#er said cannot be change. Initially I heard such nice words, eg "any problems come back la...this la..that la.." but what the hell...i wasn't able to change for this? Reason..It's not bought here..what is this? So how i tackle it? Haha..You won't believe it..

After much debating..I told him..Hey..I cant change this game right? I took out the 2 DVDs...and throw one into his face. A gurl came, I did the same. Threw it and 'piaak' onto their faces. Then shouted..IS THIS HOW YOU DO BUSINESS? SAY SOMETHING AND THEN FAILED TO DELIVER? of course there were much the end I just go away. Following which are many supposed to be their customers..HA!

ItchyMicchi said...

case #1 - put her chilies on the next tray and give her a big eat-shit-and-die-bitch-oh-by-the-way-fuck-you smile. sorry, i'm mean like that.

bidreddog said...

I think these rude people are wonderful.

While sometimes their antics seems senesless, I have over the years (and having lived in a few other countries), come to accept that it is exactly these frustrastions that make me love Malaysia so much, and make Malaysians a colourful bunch.

Seriously, if everyone behaves as they should, if everyone is nice, we would have no reasons to curse and swear. I would not be able to exercise the "refined hokkien" vocab that I have diligently accumulated recently.

Rude people give you a chance or an excuse to be nasty. Else, we would always be like those sanitized Singaporeans or Japanese - "with sweetness ozzing out of their ears" [I am getting goosebumps]

Besides, rude people make you feel good. When they're rude, we get to reflect upon ourselves and realize how angelic we are, and and be assured that we will end up in heaven and they in HELL!

Cheer up.

matakecil said...

good post. *sigh* it actually happens everywhere. whether in malaysia, singapore, china, or other parts of the world. a*sholes can be found everywhere. one phrase in malay best describe this these people: "kurang ajar". yep, in mandarin "mei2 jia jiao4!" :)

Anonymous said...

itchymicchi: I like that.. a lot. Make them jump a little and break their pattern of behavior so they don't pull the same shit on others.

multidimid said...

Life is like are exposed to various experiences and scenerios.

And from these, the self-discipline learned, the control over anger and hatred, the compassion that is finally aroused, and that final and last lesson - the positive desire for love over wrong, hatred and destruction.

Schweeney said...

LOL!! I actually wanted to extend one leg out and make her trip as she carries her beloved tray away but I digress. I shall not sink to that level. Awesome idea btw. :D

Well well, does your fine Hokkien vocabs have any phrase that might fit into the acronym of KNNCCB? :P

matakecil & multidimid,
I agree and that's why people shouldn't let them get away so easily. Let them know that there are people who won't put up with their bad behaviours.

MahaguruSia said...

Humanity, politeness and common sense are learnt? If there is tomorrow then there is always hope. Persevere and do the right thing and we might just make a difference.

mamat said...

Wanna know the root cause of all problems in the country?

I reckoned this might be the reason.

fishtail said...

Welcome to Malaysia (Boleh!).