Friday, September 14, 2007

Butt-Crack Spotted @ Matta Fair

Hi all, it' been a while since I logged in to update my blog seeing as to how I was logging in at least 12 hours a day at work for the past 1 month or so. A little voice inside my head directed me to the Matta Fair last Sunday, telling me I deserved a good long break and so there I was rounding the place with my hubby for a suitable holiday vacation.

As we were walking around, we noticed a pretty young thing sitting with her butt half exposed for all the world to see. Now don’t get me wrong, I'm no prude but her jeans was SO very low, I can see at least 5cm of butt-crack! She was sitting right next to a woman who looked liked she could be the girl's mother. I don’t know if she knew her daughter or niece or whatever is giving such an eyeful to the fair visitors or that she would cared if she did.

Anyhow, we shrugged and moved on and so happened I was interested in a package offered at a nearby booth so we sat down to enquire. The salesperson who attended to us went for a good 10 minutes to check on the flight details we wanted and so our eyes started wandering. Guess who should catch our attention but a guy working for the booth where the smooth half-exposed butt was situated. He was clearly not doing his job of passing out brochures properly as he stood there and stared at the girl's butt unblinkingly. Every minute or so he would turn back to the crowd but I guess a strange force was compelling him to turn right back around and continue staring. Brochures clutched undistributed in his hands.

After a few rounds of this, he noticed that we were smirking at him and quickly looked away. OK, not we, just me then and tried to pried his eyes away but failing miserably when he think I wasn't looking. I still can't get over how low her jeans were. I'm not sure if she can even wear her underwear under those jeans as I'm pretty sure underwears don't come that low! Maybe she taking advice from Paris Hilton. After all, it's just Matta Fair, why the need to dress to kill?

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Celebrity-sightings Trip

Between 27 and 29 May 07, I spent 3 days 2 nights in Hong Kong and boy oh boy, what a trip it has been. I kept running into celebrities one after the other.

After getting through the immigration check point at the KLIA airport, I was surprised when I see many young girls snapping away their cameras at this particular lad while the officer did a brief body search on him. Later on, the same group girls were at it again while we're on board the aerotrain to towards the gate. In fact, cameras clicked away furiously along with every step he took and he seems to be oblivious to the attention. Curiosity got the better of me and I took some shots at him and later only did I find out that he is Danson Tang Yu Zhe, a Taiwanese singer who was in Malaysia to promote his drama called "Hanazakarino Kimitachihe" which was playing on 8TV at 7pm, from Monday to Friday. Apparently he plays the character Liang Si Nan.

Next, while I was queuing up to board my plane, guess who should be queuing up right behind me but our very own Camelia! I didn't manage to get a picture with her though. I must say I'm really surprised to find her to be such a petite lady. She promised me and a girl I just befriended a photo with her after the plane landed but she was no where to be found after that. Sigh.

Then, while visiting Victoria Peak, me and my new friend run into a Hong Kong TV host doing a story on the Madame Tussaud's museum. Any readers from Hong Kong can shed a light on who he is?

After that, I was scheduled to see a showcase at HITECH and who else was there to cover the story but a Taiwanese host. He was holding a mike that says 'MTV' but unfortunately, I have no idea what's his name as well. There’s also a popular local DJ around but I couldn’t get his picture which is really a waste because he was seriously extremely good looking. *slurp*

Last but not least, the highlight of my trip was a meeting with Mika! Honestly, I was not a big fan before my trip but the moment his lanky frame bounded onto the stage with the most infectious energy and enthusiasm and I know I'm as good as sold. Of course it helps that his brand music is feel-good pop, the type of songs you wanna play over and over again. I was a full convert before the showcase even ended, not to mention a little deaf as I was in the first row right in front of the speakers. We even got the chance to go backstage for a meet-and-greet session! I was slightly giddy by that time from all the excitement.

All in all, this has been an awesome trip. It was my first time traveling on my own but the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made along the journey truly makes this an unforgettable trip. I simply love the place and if I really have to pick something to complain about it would be the fact that my chicken rice was served to me in a plate but I was provided chopsticks! I’m hopeless with them but you know what, I probably shouldn't complain because on the day I was scheduled to leave, my friend and I ran into Mika's entourage comprising his sister and mother. How many fans can lay claim to that, eh? *grins*

Monday, July 02, 2007

My Love Affair with the Autobots!

Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to catch the premiere of Transformers at Cineleisure, Damansara. My colleagues won some tickets and one of them was so sweet as to offer to bring me along with her. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. It was always fun attending premieres where one gets to see lots of local celebrities. I saw Paul Moss, Belinda from the 8tv Quickie and a couple of guys from the 'What Women Wants' reality programme.

We were somewhat disappointed to find our seats to be the 2nd row from the front but all were quickly forgotten as the movie started. What's a little neck pain and out of focus vision when you get to watch Transformers before the rest of the crowd right? Nevermind too that I was starving as we came straight from the office without dinner and were tired from all the bullshit at work. Transformers will be the cure-all that I need.

My main objective is to see Optimus Prime so I sat there and waited. To the uninitiated, Optimus Prime is the heroic leader of the Autobots, the good guys. Minutes passed by and still no sign of my beloved. Sure there were plenty of action sequences to keep me occupied and plenty of laughs but where's my Prime? Moments passed and then suddenly BAM! I knew that he was coming. So I waited in bated breath and sighed as he stood up to his full length in the first full movie appearance. As he uttered the words 'I am Optimus Prime.', I swear I was orgasmic! Nothing beats seeing him so alive and so big after all these years.

There were clearly other big Prime fans in the audience that night as the house broke into cheers and applause at that very sight of him. I was SO proud I could cry. To quote the official movie site, Prime is the "personification of courage, strength and integrity". What's not to love about him? None. Neck pain? Didn't even feel it one bit. Hunger pans? What's that? I was just a bright-eyed 8 year old watching my hero in all his glory. This sure beats the old cartoon movie by a hundredth mile when the stupid writers had him killed off. How dare they?! @^!%&^!%@!

Anyway, back to the movie, I was just enveloped in this warm fuzzy feeling all night long seeing the Autobots beat the nuts and bolts out of the evil Decepticons. How on Earth did they make robotic giants so sexy is beyond me. I am glad the trailer didn't spoil the movie as so many did where all the best bits are what you get in the teaser. This ain't such a movie. Don’t think the audience who have cheered and clapped AGAIN at the end of the 2 and ½ hours if it did. I love every teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy second of the movie. In fact, this has got to be the best movie of the year by far. I give it an A+++!

To anyone who have yet to see the movie, and especially to those who grew up watching Transformers as a kid, I say, 'Autobots, transform and rollout!'

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spidey's New Costume Unveiled

Spotted on Sunday, 20 May 2007 in a Toyota showroom is Spiderman's new costume! Yup, you saw it first, here, on this blog, not Marvel. Feast your eyes, ladies and gentleman... *drum rolling*

"Does green shorts make me look fat?"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Food Review: Want to drink some 'dahl'?

Being a pumpkin-soup-virgin, I didn’t know how pumpkin soup should taste like but last week I had the chance at this high-class pretentious place that we shall call Restaurant X. To sum up the soup, I had to say it was utterly and indescribably yucky! Imagine drinking an orange concoction that tested exactly like how dahl would taste like if you blended it with water. You know dahl, those curry-like stew you dipped your roti canais in. "Blended dalh" is as close a description as it can get and it tastes as gross as it sounds. Later my friends and I found out that the pumpkin soup tasted like it did because they had been prepared with a sprinkle of cumin. How weird we thought. I'm never gonna try soups listed as 'Chef's Creation' in the menu ever again!

"This is dahl but imagine drinking a watery version of this."

Nevermind that, our main course was a cold slab of fish served with an indistinguishable brownish sauce and an equally indistinguishable light brown sauce. Dessert was a big plate with half a slice of strawberry, cinnamon ice-cream and warm apple crumble tart. The only edible thing that tasted good to me was the dessert. Thank God for them as I was close to gagging because of the fishy smell from the main course.

Now anyone would have stayed away from this restaurant but no, we had to be dragged there again only a week later. We were reluctant to try again but someone dangled the 'Different Menu' carrot on us. And indeed what a difference it was, not just from the previous menu but from all the other restaurants we ever been to. Our appetizer was a plate of vege + sliced boiled egg + tuna + cubed baked potatoes and beans!

"Appetising? Yes?"

A feeling of dejavu washed over me as I tried to down this. It was just as bad as the pumpkin soup. I was starting to feel like I'm caught up in some Fear Factor show by now. Anyone time now Joe Rogan would pop up from nowhere and scream "Fear Factor Lunch Hour Invasion!" in my face. But no, instead the main course arrived and it was even worse. We were served tempura but I dunno what kind of flour or oil they use to fry the seafood with cause they tasted like leftovers to me. The chili + tomato + mayonnaise that we piled on only help to make it ever so slightly better.

Lastly, our dessert came and much to my disappointment, the pistachio ice-cream tasted like an almond-flavored one instead. Horrors! Anyone ever being forced to drink almond soup as a child? If yes, then you'd know what it was like to drink an almond soup mixed with tears for 2 hours. Lucky for the half slice of strawberry and brownies to drown out the horrible taste. It's also interesting to note that they served the dessert while we were still chowing away on the tempura. Insert *raised eyebrow* here.

"Chocolate fondant served with chocolate sauce and pistachio ice cream"

I really don't understand why people would voluntarily pay good money for this place. Sure, we get a nice view of the Eye on Malaysia but is it worth it? It's not like they even had cute waiters and service is clearly something else they don't excel at. This place gets a lowly undeserving '2' on the Bad Ass Chick's rating scale.

Stay away from a certain 24th floor in our nation's capital's city center. You've been warned!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My 'Good Charlotte' Day

It all started innocently enough. Girl listens to the radio and finds Good Charlotte has some pretty darn catchy songs. Girls hear news of their concert in KL and girl gets excited but little did girl know that things will quickly turn into rollercoaster ride from thereon.

Event : MTV Live Featuring Good Charlotte
Date : Saturday, 21st April 2007
Venue : Carpark A, Bukit Jalil Stadium, KL
Time : 8.00pm

First of all, I've tried entering every freaking contest I came across to secure 2 tickets to the concert. MTV? Check. Digi? Check. Junkonline? Check. Star newspaper? Check. Sony BMG? Check. Did I miss out any? Probably so but still, all those contests and nothing. Hubby had to buy the tickets from this dude we found off the net. OK, so I got a pretty decent price for VIP tickets. I managed to bargained down the price from RM100 for each VIP tickets to RM120 for both but still, curse MTV and Digi for all the hassle! Bah!

Anyway, the long-awaited day finally arrives. Hubby was working half day so I did my wifey duties at home. By 5pm I was dead exhausted from the chores I had completed seeing how Saturday is the only day I do them. Took a short nap as it was raining and I sure as hell ain't gonna stand in the rain at the concert venue. I wore my 5-inches-high knee-high boots as I figured I needed the extra height to see past the see of heads at the concert later as I know I'm no basketball player material. And no, I'm not crazy to wear heels to a standing concert as I'm used to them.

So, out we went to grab some snacks and lo and behold, my heels broke just as I was about to step out from the car! Damnit, now of all times? So we detoured to a nearby relative's house and grabbed the nearest pair of shoes we can find that fits me which so happens to be a pair of pink slippers. My extra height dream just fell flat on my face there and then.

Nevermind that, I kept my spirits high in the thought that we'd be rocking with Good Charlotte soon. Was really pleased to find the VIP entrance without so much as a queue when the normal entrance was jammed up with snakes of people. Phew, RM120 bucks well spent I thought. We reached the mosh pit to find that hey, we're only like 5 rows from the front of the stage. How cool is that? I can finally see up Joel and Benji's nostrils if I so inclined. Awesome! Kiddin, that's just gross no matter who they are.

It was a long hot stuffy wait as the concert started at about 9pm when it was supposed to have started at 8pm. *rolleyes* I heard some fanatic fans actually started queuing up at like 5pm! Gosh! I started to have difficulty breathing as the air was getting really stuffy from the crowd and the spotlights beaming down on us only made the air hotter and stuffier. One dude standing close to me had terrible BO. *gag* RM120 doesn’t seemed so well spent now.

However, that was quickly forgotten as VJ Colby and VJ Denise Keller appeared on stage to introduce One Buck Short followed by VJ Utt and VJ Nur Fazura (Putri from the Gol & Gincu series), Estranged and finally, Lo. Now I just had to mention how incredibly handsome Utt is. So much more better looking than when he's on TV. Face..., body..., he is just purr-fect! *salivating*

So, after an hour plus later and much sweating and shoving from the much TALLER people all around me, Good Charlotte finally makes their appearance. I was still in high spirits, jumping around to their songs but I didn't get far. Only halfway through the 2nd song, 'Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous', which so happens to be one of my favourite songs from them, the unthinkable and the unimaginable happened. I fainted!

I still dunno what happened. I was jumping around to the song then suddenly I felt very tired and very sleepy. I leaned back against my hubby and then I tried to stand up straight again. I opened my eyes once more but the sleepiness was just overwhelming. I remembered leaning back at hubby for the second time and the next thing I knew, I was asleep, floating and dreaming. I dunno how long it passed before I came to. I felt someone checking my breathing and I heard 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl' blaring in the background. Only then did I realize that I was actually being carried out away from the crowd.

Funny thing is, when woke up, I was clutching somebody's shoe like it was a bolster and my slippers have gone MIA. After resting and drinking some water, I was fine and wanted to get back to the mosh pit but couldn't as I was walking around barefoot. We decided to watch from our seats afar and left by 11pm. Hubby gave me a piggyback ride back to our car. Was really sad I couldn't enjoy the concert as much as I had wanted to. I've been to many concerts in the past and had never fainted like this before. Even survived the much more crowded sardine-can-like snake pit in Linkin Park's concert. Must be the exhaustion + hunger + dehydration + stuffy smelly air at the mosh pit this time.

To the girl who lost a shoe, I'm so sorry! I didn't know how your shoe ended up in my hands. To Good Charlotte, you guys were great, please come back again. Last but not least, thanks to my honey for being so sweet throughout the entire day.

Monday, March 12, 2007

300 Rocks!!!

300, one of the most visually-stunning movie of this year had graced our shores on Thursday night and yours truly was lucky enough to catch the movie last weekend. For you see, my husband and I, along with our bunch of friends had been waiting in bated-breath for the movie ever since we saw the trailer in the cinema. He, for the violent cool factor of the show and me, just because I'm a sucker for anything Greek-related.

The story tells of King Leonidas, who had a tendency to bare this teeth for all the world to see when he speaks and litters his sentences with liberal amounts of exclamation marks, who was forced to take a 'stroll' with 300 of his beefy 'bodyguards' when the jewelry-and-make-up-wearing Persian God-King Xerxes threatens his beloved Sparta because Spartan politics and religion would not allow him to start a war during some sacred ceremonial month.

"You mean there is a pile of bodies somewhere in this picture and not just a bunch of bootylicious, scalding hell-temperature HOT half-naked men?"

So what we get is an excellent adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel into a copper-toned, fantasy-like realm where all the men are tough, rough and buffed. If you are not born with boobs then you better make damn well sure that you are either a man's man, alpha male Spartan or you are souvenir to the Grim Reaper before your first diaper change. After all, to quote the King, ‘THIS! IS! SPARTA!!!’.
I was really reeling myself for a squirm and squeal session for most part of the movie as I'm not really into gore and violence but pleasantly surprised myself but sitting through the show wide-eyed and thoroughly enjoying the slash-stab-kill action without so much as a blink. Watching the half-naked men in action actually makes me wanna kill a certain middle-aged biatch at work Spartan-style. Tonight you dine in hell!!! Grr!!!

"You want a piece of me?!!!"

There was a few scene that made me laugh out loud though and I heard the guy behind me commenting, 'Weird people'. I'm very sure he directed that comment at the near-psychotic, death-numb Spartan warriors and not me. Watch out for the light hearted moments courtesy of a spinning decapitated head, some elephants, an apple, a goat and an eye. Trust me, I've not gone mad as yet.

So all in all, I would say this one is definitely a winner and worth the money and time spent in the darkened cinema hall provided that you are not trying to hard to make it politically or historically-correct. Just enjoy the movie for the cool factor and you will come out from the cinema a very satisfied person and perhaps rushing to sign up that long overdue gym membership.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Movie Review - Ghostrider

Call me stubborn or hard-headed but I just had to watch a movie to decide for myself even if the majority of reviews give a movie a bad rap. That is just what happened with Ghostrider (or 'Penunggang Motosikal' according to the Malay subtitle) recently.

Now, I've got a bad feeling already when I saw that Nicholas Cage was taking the lead in the movie. I mean common, the old man is balding! How convincing can he be as a bad ass biker? They should have just stick to the gorgeous young bloke playing the young Johnny Blaze for the rest of the movie. He is yummylicious. This way, even if the movie sucks, which it did BIG time, then at least the girls in the house still get an eye candy to drool over while the guys slobber over Eva Mendes's booming asset. Now when I say boom, I really meant 'explode'. Just watch the movie and you'll know what I mean, you pervert.

Anyhow, other than bad casting (Nicholas Cage is just SO wrong for the part. Heck, even the old Ghostrider looks way much cooler.), there's also the bad posturing from Nic. There's this one pose with the fore finger pointing at the bad guys with the rest of the fingers curled back awkwardly that just had me laughing out loud in the cinema. It's just such an insanely dumb pose to strike. I wonder if Nicky boy came up with that on his own or the director who incidentally also helmed the flopped efforts in Daredevil and Elektra did. I'm seeing a trend here.

Now, I'm not much of a comic-book person but even I know the storyline in the movie wasn't the same as those in the comics. Worse still, there is zilch action in the movie other than some fleeting moments of a burning skull on a cool burning bike. The bad guys dropped like flies. One word to describe them, pathetic with a capital 'P'. I'm totally disgusted.

So, my 2 cents worth of review here is this is a big waste of time. I sincerely believe a few of my excellent brain cells would have lasted that much longer had I not subjected them to the show.