Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Movie Review - Ghostrider

Call me stubborn or hard-headed but I just had to watch a movie to decide for myself even if the majority of reviews give a movie a bad rap. That is just what happened with Ghostrider (or 'Penunggang Motosikal' according to the Malay subtitle) recently.

Now, I've got a bad feeling already when I saw that Nicholas Cage was taking the lead in the movie. I mean common, the old man is balding! How convincing can he be as a bad ass biker? They should have just stick to the gorgeous young bloke playing the young Johnny Blaze for the rest of the movie. He is yummylicious. This way, even if the movie sucks, which it did BIG time, then at least the girls in the house still get an eye candy to drool over while the guys slobber over Eva Mendes's booming asset. Now when I say boom, I really meant 'explode'. Just watch the movie and you'll know what I mean, you pervert.

Anyhow, other than bad casting (Nicholas Cage is just SO wrong for the part. Heck, even the old Ghostrider looks way much cooler.), there's also the bad posturing from Nic. There's this one pose with the fore finger pointing at the bad guys with the rest of the fingers curled back awkwardly that just had me laughing out loud in the cinema. It's just such an insanely dumb pose to strike. I wonder if Nicky boy came up with that on his own or the director who incidentally also helmed the flopped efforts in Daredevil and Elektra did. I'm seeing a trend here.

Now, I'm not much of a comic-book person but even I know the storyline in the movie wasn't the same as those in the comics. Worse still, there is zilch action in the movie other than some fleeting moments of a burning skull on a cool burning bike. The bad guys dropped like flies. One word to describe them, pathetic with a capital 'P'. I'm totally disgusted.

So, my 2 cents worth of review here is this is a big waste of time. I sincerely believe a few of my excellent brain cells would have lasted that much longer had I not subjected them to the show.


zewt said...

yeah... those bad guys died too damn freaking easily.