Monday, March 10, 2008

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Many moons had passed since I last posted in my blog. Now, I know many of you are asking why I stopped writing. Well, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

The story started many months ago when I tied my Blogger account to my Gmail account, or so I thought at the moment. You see, when we tie a Blogger account with a Gmail account, we had to key in our Gmail address and also provide the correct password to the Gmail account. After a successful tie-in, you only had to key in the Gmail address and the password to the Gmail account to gain access to your Blogger account therefore making away with a separate username to the blog.

Say for instance, my gmail is with the password ‘ccc’. I remembered the username wrongly and I keyed in with the password ‘ccc’ and voila, it goes through. I didn’t suspect anything was amiss since I hardly use the Gmail account anyway. After all why should I since I can provide the correct password.

Many months had passed until one fine day I discovered that I can’t login to my Blogger account anymore. I then proceeded to try to login to the account and discovered that I can’t login either. Just out of sheer curiosity, I tried and when I see my own inbox it finally hit me that I had tied my blog to a total stranger all these while. A stranger residing in another country with a similar name as me but not quite me.

This stranger must have changed the password and with that, I can’t access my blog either. Holy crap! I tried emailing Google for help but to no avail. I also tried getting help from forums and discussion sites but to success whatsoever either. As a last resort, I even emailed the owner of the account for help but the bitch wasn’t responding. What’s a bad ass chick to do?

So last weekend, after half a year of frustation, I decided that all avenues had been exhausted and decided to do the unmentionable. All I can say now is, it feels good to be back! Hip hip hooray!!!


mylife said...

hi there sis... been a long time... i used to wait for ur entry updates u know... n thot that after a while, no link to ur YM means, no more blogging for u... but hohhohoho, am so happy now that u're back!!!

p/s sis, this piece is funny... left me wondering, how did u ever get by without noticing it... hehehehe

Schweeney said...

Hi back at ya, sis! Was good talking to you again that day.

Well, my gmail account is purely for blogging purposely only so it is hardly surprising that I didn't notice... hehe