Thursday, December 28, 2006

Funniest Article of 2006

The article is taken from The Star Online's website on 28 Dec 06.

KUALA LUMPUR: One group that has been badly hit by the disruption of Internet access is the blogger community.

Most bloggers using overseas-based servers like Friendster, Xanga and MySpace have found it difficult to access their weblogs.

Blogger Joyce Wong said she only managed to upload a few sentences onto her blog.

“It is really getting to me because I have all my information and contacts online and I cannot get my work done,” said Wong, who is known as KinkyBlueFairy online.

For radio deejay cum music producer Johan Farid Khairuddin, the inability to post his blog meant that he has been disconnected from his fans. “I blog very frequently – every five minutes if I may say so – and this breakdown has affected me emotionally as I am unable to interact with others,” said the 26-year-old.

Student Adrian Teh, 22, who blogs and reads his friends' posts regularly, said he felt hopeless.

Tech and gadgets blogger Albert Ng said he was not affected by the disruption because his weblog was in a local server. However, he has had difficulties going to his friends' blogs as well as international e-mail sites.

Noor Faridah Zulkiflie was planning to revert to paper and pen since she was unable to post her blogs online. “I feel wretched now because I have lots of pent-up feelings but unfortunately cannot write about them,” said the 22-year-old student.

OK OK, so some part of the Internet was down yesterday but for the life of me I just cannot make the connection between that and using words like 'deprived', 'hopeless' and 'wretched' to describe one's feeling of being unable to blog for less than a day.

Seriously, why is our national newspaper compelled to publish this story is beyond me. Not that all news should be the serious, doom and gloom kind though. Aah, I get it. Must be for its entertainment value. I laughed my heart out reading the article above while drinking my coffee this morning. What a great way to start the day.

Sure blogging is fun but feeling deprived, hopeless and wretched just because you can write online? Get a life! And what's with blogging every 5 minutes? That's not blogging, that's just crazy! 10:05 Drinking coffee, 10:10 Peeing the coffee I just drank, 10:15 Checking emails, 10:20 Just breathing...

Is this article for real or what?


hongkiat said...

It just shows you how depending on the Internet the nations are, these days :-)

dJ phuturecybersonique said...

as i keep stressing: these people need to get a hobby. a real one. ;)

derek said...

phuturecybersonique, i told u, blogging is a hobby!

chloe said...

pfffffttt. there are other things to report about, such as businesses that depend on the WWW... or the victims in the taiwan quake. is it necessary at all to interview a few overtly obsessed bloggers????

Siedne said...

i agree, funniest article of the year.hahaha. can't believe people actually made such comments! hahaha

Alucard said...

Blog every 5 minutes? I'll think twice before hiring such 'good' employees..

Anonymous said...

OMG what a completely pointless article. BLOGGERS yeah big deal.