Monday, February 06, 2006

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Corniest of Them All?

I dunno if it's fated or what but come every Chinese New Year, I will surely come across some stupid shows on TV that makes me wanna crawl in through the TV set and stick my foot up some arses but since I obviously can't, I'm compelled to blog about them. Last year it was the Alan Tam and Hacken Lee's concert. This year it is the Miss Chinese International 2006 Pageant.

I don't have any problems with the looks of the candidates as beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all and there are actually a few who would make my head turn a few times if I am a hot-blooded male. It was the pathetic performances they put on and the moronic answers they give during the Q&A session that really gets to me.

The performances were nothing to shout about as many were just flinging their arms about mindlessly under the pretext of some cultural dance that was just embarrassing to watch. It would have been less painful to watch paint dry. I also can't stand the stupid 'beauty pageant wave' they all gave. Whoever taught them to wave like that? Graceful my foot! It makes them look retarded, that's all.

Things gradually got worse during the Q&A session. They were supposed to pick out a Chinese food item at random and describe how the item is similar to them. There were items like 'pau' (bun), fried rice, etc. One particular contestant that nearly got me vomiting blood was the one who got the 'zhu sau' (literally means pig hand). In answering how it was similar to her, she said, 'Kei sat leh, chu hai hou chong meng geh'. Translated, she said, 'Actually leh, pigs are very smart geh'. What the fuck?! Since when have anyone heard that pigs are Harvard material? Apparently this broad has never heard of the expression 'Chun kor check chu' (Dumber than a pig)!

I don't remember which genius candidate that was but she certainly didn't win the title. Thank God! On a sadder note, I think I've just killed a few brain cells for having glimpse part of the show. What a load of crap TV is feeding us these days. Hmmphhh! Oh heck it, at least the Ang Pows I collected are in abundance this year. Hip hip hooray!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!


5xmom said...

Hahaha, did you catch Mr. Hongkong too? Puke! CNY is when I have to tune to Astro WLT to entertain the visiting relatives and they made my skin crawls.

Schweeney said...

There's Mr. Hongkie too? Omigosh! :O

I see that you're from Penang too. That's my hometown. ;)

Nice blogs you got going there.

John Tee said...


Detached Mode said...

actually, pigs have more or less the intelligence of dogs ;)

cheers !

Schweeney said...

detached mode:
Yes, I am aware of that but she's not a dog now, is she? :P