Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ga-ga Over Sony

Lately, I'm into the habit of spoiling myself silly. I am not really a shopaholic or a big spender but I just feel like giving myself some well-deserved treat from time to time. I mean what's the use of working my ass off when I can't even splurge a little on me?

It all started when I accompanied some friends into the Sony store in KLCC one fine night. It was there that I first laid eyes on the sexy Sony Cybershot DSC-T7. To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement. I made numerous trips back to the shop and also other camera shops to set loving gazes at my baby. I even considered T9 as it was the latest addition to the family. Choices, choices, choices. I hate choices sometimes.

I finally settled for the T5 which has the exact same features as the T7. Actually, I find that the T5 is even better than the T7 as it has internal memory which the gorgeous and more expensive T7 doesn't. The T5 is just a teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy bulkier than the T7 but I can look past that. The still slim and slender T5 still slips into my Levi's pockets just fine. No hassles when traveling at all. Love it to death!

I've been trigger-happy with the T5 ever since I got it and now I can't wait to court yet another one of my latest crush. It's the Sony Ericcson P990i smart phone. It's not even February 14 yet and love is already in the air. I hope my T5 won't be jealous of the P990i when it comes as I know I will be spending a lot, and I do mean a LOT of time with the P990i for a while.

Everything I've read about the P990i so far only makes me fall harder for it. It has touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, polyphonic ringtones, MP3, FM radio, Instant Messaging, Bluetooth, 3G, Infrared, USB port, WiFi, WAP, Opera browser, Word and Excel editor, PDF viewer, 2.0 Megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom and a host of other mind boggling features. Phew, I'm out of breath just typing them. How's a girl to resist?

Man, I feel like a bloke to go crazy over all these gadgets. Sony is just killing me with all these techno-babes! Pleaaasseeee stop!


Kamkuey said...

The P990i is indeed a cool phone, but if you dun like to carry bulky stuff around together with your T5, then dun get it. It is rather big. At first you may like it, but after a while, you may find it a little too bulky. Trust me.. I have been thru it.. keke.. with the O2 mini

Schweeney said...

True dat but I need a 3G phone with WiFi, FM radio and the Word and Excel editor. P990i is the best choice yet. Gonna do my booking today. ;)

kerry said...

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