Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Clubbing anyone?

Whoa, it has been a few slamming, wicked weeks into the New Year and I hadn't found time to blog at all. Seems like inspirations come to me easier when people were pissing me off right, left and center. However, idiots seemed to have steered clear off my path for the past few weeks now. Please turn around and walk the other way from now on too. Thank you.

Thai Club & Bistro, KL

I'm just kicking my heels back now and trying to enjoy life to the fullest while it's still moron-free. Seems like my luck has turned around from last year. Been back into the clubbing scene since Christmas and I must say I am really amused with some of the going-ons in our local clubs. Thai Club now plays funny Ah Beng type of songs which totally sucks and Liquid is like a ghost town on a Friday night. What gives?

Zouk, yea the building that kinda resembles a giant molar, was packed last weekend for the Guiness Black Party and the people turn out in droves. 99.9% were dressed in black too! The conformity impressed me. It was like the gathering of some covert black-skimpy-outfit cult. Guiness must be really pleased.

The dance floor didn't get crowded in the Main Room till almost 11pm and I had to keep avoiding this girl who was flinging her arms around wildly like a possessed demon. Maybe it is a cult after all and this is their ritual dance to summon the rain or something.

The only 2 people I saw who stood out like sore thumbs in the crowd were these 2 girls who were dressed not in black but in bright-colored T-shirts, Bermuda shorts and slippers! I thought they were lost!! Without any make-up on too!!! Brave souls they are. Too bad I forgot to bring my Sony T5 to record down this historic moment.

Alas, I got bored with the Main Room, Velvet Underground AND The Loft. Guess I'm getting too sober for clubbing.


Anonymous said...

is that my pic your using? ;)
shouldn't i get some copyright for it?
maybe you should put the pics of you dancing in the club too.. ;)

Schweeney said...

Hehe, I'll pay you royalty. How bout that? ;)

my name is fake said...

im at the loft friday nights, twillight action girl...

zewt said...

the place to be is poppy garden.