Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bad Ass Chick's A Series of Unfortunate Events

I was never a superstitious person so it seemed weird to friends when I started commenting that I am being haunted by bad lucks nowadays and to think that I was just thanking my lucky stars last month at how wonderful life had been to me lately. Christmas was approaching and everything just seemed so merry and bright. Songs and dances seemed to be the order of my days. Little did I know that it was the calm before the storm, the high before the low, the lift before the fall. Ok, so you get it the picture.

My high spirits all came crumbling down early this month when I discovered that a prized possession of mine was not worth what was paid for it. What a heart-wrenching, jaw-dropping moment that was. Never mind that, the very same night, I lost the final round of a contest which I was winning only the day before. I won a lousy T-shirt instead which was no consolation to the time and money already spent. So what if it's limited edition? Arghh!!! Two huge financial losses in a day.

A few days later, a visit to the doctor had me on medication for the next two weeks. Hopefully the nice lady doctor would tell me that I have no major health complications when I go back for a check-up next month. Still, I tried to put all negative thoughts aside to enjoy the Christmas parties I was attending. But even then, bad luck followed me wherever I went. The satays I brought was overcooked for one potluck Christmas party, rained the whole evening at another and luckily another one went by rather uneventfully.

I was trying to get tickets for King Kong and managed to actually get a booking, only to misplace the booking number. My new Sony Ericsson Z520I's camera and call-out system wasn't functioning on the very day I unwrapped the box. Two of my colleagues got the exact same phone from the exact same dealer and theirs are working fine. Good thing the SE people managed to get it fixed in like 3 hours.

My programs at work kept running into errors as the server was running out of space and I didn't get a new ID tag at work as the security team misplaced my photo when everyone else had gotten their new ID tags and so I had to sign in and out everyday, including lunch time. I have to call my other colleagues to open the door for me every time or slyly follow other people in when they do.

I was praying hard for the string of bad lucks to go away but apparently God must have had some other plans for me as I got into an accident on the way home from work 2 days ago. We were just 3 minutes away from home and a drunk driver come crashing into the side of our car as we were turning right into our housing area. The lights was green to turn right, you nincompoop!! And you have no business overtaking when it was a double-lined road and cutting in from the other side of the road too!!! The bugger dragged a motorcycle under his car for a short distance before hitting another car, both of whom were from the opposite side of the road waiting at the red lights as cars turned right from our direction.

That was the last straw! All these bad lucks in the space of 2 weeks?!! I’ve had enough! Seriously. Hope 2006 will be a better year for me. Since this will be my last posting for this year, I wish all the readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

P/s: If you see a girl walking with a black cloud over her head, stop and say 'Hi', it's probably me.


phangan said...

erm... wish you good luck? :P

zeeyen said...

Aiyo. I thought mine was bad. Just out of curiosity, which year are you born in?

Schweeney said...

Happy New Year 2006 everyone!!! :)

Thanks for the good luck wish, phangan. I believe this year will be better. Ever the optimistic me. Hehe ;)

Can't possibly give out the year without telling the whole world my age so I hope it's enough if I tell you that I'm in my 20s. :P

Anonymous said...

haha .. missy :)
long time no see :p

too bad u got into a lot of bad luck !

my end of year was pretty good i think :p

only problem = health. non stop getting sick. don't get it. i get cured from one, another comes by. freaking pissed but what can i do ?


and i'm broke now when are u gonna buy me lunch ?

we work so near, if you really need someone to talk to(bad luck thingy)u can always come talk to me and buy me lunch/dinner :)

Schweeney said...

Oops, which slave is this now? You guys should really leave your name or nick next time.