Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Mobile Phone Ownership Evolution

Looking back over the years, I realized that I was not as lucky or as rich as some people who change their mobile phones like they change their clothes. Nonetheless, I realized that I have been using quite a number of them and about to change to a new generation of phone soon.

I remember my first mobile phone purchase vividly. I was a student then, saving and skimming on expenses to buy my first Nokia 3210. I love it back then because it was one of the first few phones in the market that did not have an antenna jutting out. Also, it was rock solid. I've dropped the phone so many times from varying heights and still it was working perfectly. I remembered how I broke out in cold sweat once upon realizing that I've lost my phone. I searched high and low for it and was lucky enough to find it in the safe keeping of the librarian of the college library. Phew!

The Nokia 3210 served me well for a couple of years until I got hold of a Nokia 8210. The phone had been modified with white back lights + white casing and was SO blindingly bright that I occasionally use it as a torchlight! Hehe. Unfortunately, my 8210 was bugged with problems and I eventually got fed-up with it after too many visits to the repair shop that I trade it in for a Samsung SGH C100 not long after.

I loved the C100 for the nice colour screen and animations. Such a big difference from the dull black and white screens I had been used to seeing but then it was lacking a camera. The phone was fine except that you can't turn it off and on again. It'll definitely hang. You'll have to on and off it many many times before it will start up properly. My phone is on 24-7 but then it can get pretty frustating when sometimes you need to change the SIM card for example.

I used it for a while before I got the Sony Ericsson T630. I wanted the black-colored one but ended up with the white as black was out of stock then. Now this one has a camera, bluetooth and infrared and served me really well for the past year or so. Was pretty happy with it for a while but this too is lacking something - MP3. I guess human beings are just never satisfied, or maybe it's just me.

So yesterday, I got a Sony Ericsson Z520i. I simply love flip phones!!! So nice to just slam down the phone when I'm pissed off with the other party on the line. Somehow, pressing a button to end the call just don't do it for me. Not as dramatic. Hah! However, being the generous and filial daughter that I am (*ahem*), I am going to give this phone to my dad.
Now, I'm spoilt for choice as to what mobile phone to get next. I've never owned a really high-end mobile phone before but I figured I might as well this time around. As such, I have set my sights on 3G Smart/PDA phones. There's the Sony Ericsson P990i which I simply adore. Don't see what I can do with such a small keyboard but it's a nice touch. The Motorola A1000 is also very attractive, as are the Dopod and O2 phones. Choices, choices, choices!

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Aditya said...

thanks for visiting my blog.

i'd love to know what you thought about it. kindly tell me by posting a comment on the latest post!

ps. this is not a machine generated comment, i just talk this way :) im used to writing a lot of formal letters! i think you should get the sony ericsson Z520i :)

Schweeney said...

You're welcome. Thanks for visiting my blog and your vote as well. Actually I am already using the Z520i right now but I'm gonna give to it my dad soon. :P

babyPup said...

hey . if ur looking for a pda/phone combo.. why not motorola? i'm using the A768i but there is a new model, a780. no 3G, but bluetooth, IR, Mp3, and writes mandrin too. simple and easy to use interface, and running Linux so stability's there. Oh yeah, it's a flip phone too :D

Schweeney said...

Thanks puppy but I need a 3G phone. Was looking into the Motorola A1000. Not too bad too.

Shanker said...

i work part time as a maxis 3G promoter and i would advise you to step away from the Motorola A1000. it sucks big time. use it for a couple of days and u'll get what i mean. since u need PDA functions with 3G and all i guess u can wait for the O2 release of their 3G phones. was supposed to be end 2005 but nothing yet so wait awhile more la.... better off than regrettin abt the A1000 after a week.

Schweeney said...

Hmm interesting, Shan. Actually I really like the SE P990i. I checked out the O2 too but the salesperson said that the 3G O2 phones will only be out sometime middle of this year. I can't wait that long. Hope something good will come out by the end of this month. :)

princessE said...

SEP990i. Drool, drool, drool. Oopps, dun let the saliva damage the qwerty keyboard. :P