Thursday, March 09, 2006

Naked Truth or Blinding Balderdash?

Ever since my boyfriend popped "THE" question, we have been busying ourselves with the wedding plans. After the elders were properly informed, we had to choose the big date to walk down the aisle. I've never been the tradional or superstitious type but the elders insisted that we have our wedding date chosen by a fortune teller or someone like that. Images of a certain Feng Shui master and her toadly appearance immediately pop to mind and I shuddered.

So, one fine Saturday morning, we happily trotted off to see the 'Sifu'. I learnt that it had been hard to get the appointment that day as apparently, this is one very much sought-after man. The office was dark, air-conditioned and rather crammed. Not because the space is too small but because there was quite a queue while the phones were ringing off the hook! Whoever said you have to get a Degree to get a good paying job?

There were about 3-4 girls sitting at the reception area. I assumed they were his secretaries as they were the ones arranging the time for the meeting, getting the initial information about you, etc. Business was brisk all morning with all sorts of people seeking him for help on what to name their newborn babies, choosing the date for the grand opening of a new business, etc for a fee. Can't anyone decide anything on their own anymore? He ain't cheap too.

Anyway, we waited a while before being allowed to meet the guy. As it turns out, we didn't even get to meet him but only his son. Sonny spoke at bullet-train speed explaining to us something which I do not completely comprehend given my poor command of Chinese while gesturing at the Excel sheets that he had prepared. Wow, I didn't expect Junior to be so err, advanced.

Whatever happened to good old Chinese Ah Peks (old men in Hokkien) who sit under the tree and read your fortune while thoughtfully stroking his long beard? What's that you say? Who's facing extinction? No wonder Fat Blond Toad and her sorts are doing so well.


aw said...

Yeah, freaking Blond Toad! Bet no one revealed that she was very rich BEFORE she "practised" feng shui. Now she's very very rich. She didn't get rich from placing a golden toad in her porch, she got rich by selling the golden toad to gullible people everywhere. It's a real shame her daughter is getting fat like her too.

According to Joey Yap, the trinkets and tacky-looking items she sells have no place in Feng Shui. They are cultural beliefs, as opposed to *real* feng shui, which is the study of natural chi and its possible influence. The concept of chi is of course somewhat validated by the widespread acceptance of acupuncture in Western medicine.

Yeah, Joey Yap has a degree from Curtin University in Australia, and he is quite a young, charismatic feng shui speaker.

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Anonymous said...

w00t!! k7 here :p

must be a phew! eh ? hehehe !!!
u r not young anymore :)

mwahahaha !!!

Edwin said...

hahaha .. congrats .. :D