Friday, June 02, 2006

PDRM and AAM Goes Hand-in-Hand in R-U-D-E-N-E-S-S

There's a joke going around among a group of my friends that my blog doesn't get updated if I don't get pissed off and so we all know where this post is going. I was happily chatting away with my colleague as we car-pooled together on the way home yesterday night and all of a sudden, the car started jerking just after we passed by UE3 on the way to Cheras. So, she slowly inched her way from the fast lane and the car died just as we reached the left lane.

With the emergency lights on, she quickly called AAM to get assistance. We didn't want to add to the jam more than we already did. While she was on the phone, a traffic police came along and we thought he would help to divert the traffic as the road was starting to get chocked up. Instead, Imbecile No. 1 strutted over and started scolding us. Hey look here moron, it's not our wish for the car to break down on a busy road! *rolling eyes*

Asswipe then rudely instructed my friend to shift the gear to neutral and for me to get down from the car. He just can't seemed to understand when we tried to explain that the car wasn't moving even though my friend had it in neutral as the engine had died and that I can't get out as the car had died while it was too near to a row of concrete slabs by the side of the road. "Turun! Turun! Turun! Neutral, letak neutral!" was all he was shouting. Didn't the PDRM check the guy's eyesight and hearing before allowing him on the streets as a representative of their traffic team?

After much scolding from him, a passerby-motorist stopped and helped him to push our car as I took over the AAM phone call from my friend as she had to man the steering wheels. The 2 guys pushed our car into the middle of the road, directly on the divider! The police-moron then proceeded to give us another round of scolding, "Tak tau turn ka?! Orang tolong awak, you duduk situ?!". He expects me to get down from the car as it was being pushed by him. Get down from a moving car into the oncoming traffic. He didn't even give me time to get out! Great! Grrr! He then just left us there without even asking if we need help.

Over the phone, I was being entertained by a very rude AAM customer service personnel, hereby referred to as Imbecile No. 2. She simply puts down the phone without warning after I give her all the details. How rude! When my friend's sister called back she had the cheek to say 'I already sent the tow-truck why you call again?!". Excuse me woman, you do work for AAM's Helpline don't you? We waited 45 minutes for the tow-truck guy to arrive and when he did, he too started scolding as to why we parked the car on the divider as it makes it hard for him to tow. Imbecile No. 3 then proceeded to ask us girls to push the car in our high heels and skirt!

Another traffic police came by after that and threatened to give us a summon as the tow-truck had stopped on the fast lane. Imbecile No. 4 stood there watching as we tried to push a Proton Wira. How helpful indeed! He only helped towards the last minute when he saw that there's no way we can get the car to move. After that he too dissapeared like the first traffic police.

The tow-truck guy then towed the car to a nearby petrol station and started complaining about how it's late and that it's after his working hours. "Saya dah nak balik dah, dah lewat ni. Saya tak boleh tunggu." As I know, AAM's coverage is 24 hours, you dipshit! I quickly called my friend to call AAM Helpline again and he then resentfully and relunctantly agreed to tow the car back to my friend's house after talking to the person on the phone.

There's gonna be hell to pay soon! We've made complains at the traffic police's and AAM's complaint center today. Let's wait for the party to begin.


princessE said...

Aiyoh, poor u gals. Didn't expect the service to be THAT bad! Complain man! I would if I were you.

Balajoe said...

The moral of the story...always keep the car well serviced and maintained

Schweeney said...

Yea, we're making a lot of noise all right... grrr!!

No morals here, the car IS well-serviced and well-maintained. Was just serviced on the previous Saturday.

John Tee said...

Bloody PEST!!!

Bully my bestest buddy!!!

phangan said...

man... what a day...