Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Humiliated in Sunway Pyramid Part II

Following the incident last Saturday where my fiancé and I were very rudely told to leave the Sunway Pyramid premises just because my fiancé had his arm over my shoulder, I've taken the liberty to create the below traffic sign for Sunway Pyramid. I wonder if they will implement it.


purpgurl said...

LOL. but honestly i doubt that the said guy is really SP's staff. i practically live in SP, sunway being where I live... and the only time I've ever seen security interfere would be when people sit on their lion statues at the main entrance.

do write SP a letter. maybe they'll bust this guy's ass for you.

Jayelle said...

erm... i've been frequenting Sunway Pyramid almost every other week since my mother let me go out with my friends(and god knows that's like nearly 10 years ago)

and never have I heard that you cannot do couply things in Sunway Pyramid. If there are such security people in Sunway, my bf and I would have been stoned to death already.

Maybe it's just a stupid righteous asshole from the terminated Moral Police Squad who feels sad that he could not put a stop to all things intimate.

Schweeney said...

Hi all, I'm also a frequent visitor to Sunway Pyramid and have never encountered such before. I wished I had chased him down and gotten his ID right there and then. Fuck these hypocritical moral crusaders!

scorkes said...

Strangely, I was also at the movie at Sunway Piramid last Saturday!

Maybe that moral police should have done something about the Malay couple so obviously smooching and making out in front of me!

-3xile'd- said...

Haha! Good one there! They should really put that sign up at Sunway Pyramid.

My girl's studying in Sunway. Been there, done that... yet nobody halau. If that guy from security is that strict, I suggest that he becomes a JAKIM officer and works at KLCC to keep an eye on those Malay couples at the park instead. =/