Friday, March 03, 2006

Top 10 Signs Your Boss is Out to Get You

10. It's 12.30pm and you were about to leave the office for lunch with a hot date when your Boss gives you a new assignment and and the deadline is 3pm. You missed lunch. And the hot date.

9. Boss suggests to go to a pricey, high-end restaurant for lunch and it is not a treat. Luckily you just visited the ATM.

8. It's Friday night and you are pulling in an overtime when the Boss gives you a bunch of new work that would take you days to finish and demands to have them in 3 hours. You worked through the night and came back on Saturday and stayed till 7pm. You missed Friday's dinner and Saturday's lunch. And you were sick with flu all the while.

7. Boss chides you for the smallest oversight on the morning of the first day of a major public holiday over the work done from the week before.

6. Boss displayed utter dislike and comtempt if you ever revealed that you hold your family dearer than work. You held your silence but secretly wished you were home now instead of slaving away like the lowly-paid and overworked minion that you are.

5. Boss made you sit through a meeting that lasted for 4 and 1/2 hours where no conclusion was derived but plenty of gossips and inane jokes that made you roll your eyes. You also missed dinner. And you suffer from gastric.

4. Boss then announced dislike and disrespect for people who waste time during meeting by doing nothing but dishing out plenty of gossips and inane jokes.

3. Boss said to do A and when you delivered the A, the boss turns around and barks at you for not delivering B. You get scolded again when you try to explain because the Boss is always right and you are always wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

2. Boss never talks to you unless to give you more work or to chide you more but she does talk bad about you behind your back. You spent your time trying to stay out of Boss's gossip radar.

1. Boss often "jeling" (look and quickly look away) at you in disgust. You grit your teeth.

DISCLAIMER: These are purely my opinions only and any resemblance to any Bosses living or dead is purely unintentional and coincidental.

p/s: On second thoughts, if you are anything like the Boss above then you ought to just go and hang yourself for being such a bastard/bitch that you are.


zewt said...

if u want... go to my blog and read my entry titled "it's a boss thing"....

Schweeney said...

Your observations in your blog is spot on.