Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Interviewee VS Interviewer

After my graduation I've been to my fair share of interviews. Some good, some bad while some are just downright weird.

Just like the time I spent 2 hours plus of my precious time listening to the director of this particular fucked-up company talk about his passion for flying helicopters. Bugger went on and on about how he doesn't drive when going outstation but instead will just fly here and there in his copter, showing me pictures of his kids, asking me my opinion after showing me brochures of the next helicopter he is planning to buy, etc. Like I'm SO impressed, DUH!

Then there are companies notorious for it's various tests. I've been asked to do tests which lasted 2 hours, programming tests, logic tests, numerical tests, IQ tests and every kinda tests imaginable. I mind that about as much as I mind filling up job application forms. Those are really time-wasters. I really do not see the point of telling you where I was born, you lousy piece of shit.

To be fair, I've met some really cool interviewers too. Some just waived away the need for the application forms and the need to see your certificates. One even bought me dinner while another bought me drinks over the interview process. Not that I am a freeloader, mind you. I didn't threaten to pull a 'bobbitt' job on them if they didn't do so either. Guess some people are simply nicer than others.