Thursday, October 07, 2004

When It Rains, It Pours

A few months ago, i broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years plus on the night of my very first day at work at a new job which I really like. As if coping with a breakup is not hard enough in a new workplace in a new environment with new workmates, people around me are just bent on pissing me off left, right and center! Grrr!

My new company asked me to open a bank account with this particular bank so they could bank in my salary there and I found out that this bank has service centers in shopping malls which open till night time. Therefore, I trotted off to one of the bank's service center in a mall I pass by on my way home. As luck would have it, the mall's carpark was full to the brim that evening. I had to round the carpark for about a dozen times before I found a spot.

So there I was storming my way into the bank. Got the papers, filled them up and dutifully took to the queue to have my bank account opened up. When it was my turn, the clerk told me that I can't open an account there because I neither work or live in that area. According to them, I have to open the account at a branch nearby my office or my house. It's a new stupid rule, so I noticed.

Nevermind, the following Monday, this hothead headed off to another service center nearby my office only to discover their printer not working. The guy even had the cheek to tell me that the technician had been trying to fix the damn thing since morning. And not just one but both the service center's printers are out meaning they can't open the bank account for me cause they can't print the passbook for me. Just my luck. Super!

Since I was there anyway, I asked the guy to check on the various forms his colleagues at the other service center had me filled up. Here comes the best part. He takes one look at the various papers, turned to his colleague and asked him, 'Hey, have you seen these before?'. He then told me that some of the forms I had filled up earlier was unneccessary and that I have to fill up some 'other' forms! Arrghhh! I nearly self-combust when I heard that. You mean you had me filling up all those useless, needless forms and your fucking bank's service centers don't even practise the same standard forms? Excellent!

As I was driving my car out from the mall's carpark later, I turned into this one way lane and this woman in a continental car was going the wrong way. Pissed off as I was then, I was actually nice enough to reverse to let her through and guess what I got in return? As this stupid Indian bitch passed my car, she stoppped, turned to look at me and showed me 'The Hand'! It's the same signal one gives to say 'poodah' or 'get lost' in Tamil. At that point in time, I totally snapped. The nerve of her! I swear if I wasn't so dumbfounded at how rude she was, I would have dragged her out of her car and shoved a rusty pipe up her stinking arse!!!

I was positively seething with anger then only to discover that I forgot to pay for the parking ticket at the machine and I had to park my car, get down and walk all the way to the machine only to have the machine eat my money! I had to pay 2 bucks for a 1 buck parking ticket. In my rage, I must have kicked and screamed at the machine. I don't even give a damn who might looking at me anymore.

The remainder of the day saw me picking up a call from a friend whom I had not heard from for ages who just had the honor of hearing me spew out profanities into the phone so fast and furious he was rendered speechless as I finally made my way out of the blasted carpark all ready to mow down anyone and anything who dares to slow me down on my way home. I'm surprised I didn't leave behind a trail of dead bodies and mangled cars on the highway that day. It would have been a very sweet consolation.

Last but not least, as the icing on the cake, I discovered that 4 of my bras were stolen and probably the same perverted sick mind also own the hands that deliberately cut my panties and thongs which were left outside the apartment to dry with scissors. Don't you just envy my life?


Anonymous said...

there will always be ups and downs in our life....if not, where's the fun right?

Schweeney said...

You are damn right, with the downs, people actually appreciates the ups better. :)