Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My First Major Automobile Accident

Date :: Friday, 15th October 2004

Time :: 8:15AM
Venue :: Silk Highway, Kajang

I was cruising along at about 120km/h on a straight stretch of road on the fastlane when all of a sudden my steering wheel turned to the left on its own in my very hands. It was very freaky! Almost like someone else driving the car for me! I tried to brake but it was too late to avoid a collision with a Toyota Camry in the middle lane. Sorry buddy. Just wasn't your day, or mine either for that matter. *sniggers*

I tried to slow down after the collision and move the steering wheel back to the original position but it was just totally out of control. My car swerved left and right on the highway bumping me along in it until it actually flipped over on its right side. Luckily for me, it flipped back and managed to stop in time when I pulled the handbrake else I'd be one with the wall divider now. Sounds just like the car chase scenes in the movies ya? Go me!

I was stunned when the accident happened and I couldn't get out from the car as the door was jammed. I was just sitting there calmly calling for help though my hands were shaking. A police patrol car happened to be behind the Camry and they saw the whole thing. One of the man in blue had to help me out by yanking the door free. What a rollercoaster ride to start off the weekend...

Time :: 10:00AM
Venue :: Kajang Police Station

Finished lodging my police report and was about to rattled on about what happened earlier for the hundreth time that day to the police sergeant when all of a sudden I was blown away with "Do you have a boyfriend?" from the guy from my insurance company's panel workshop who had followed me to the station and again with "Are you married?" from the sergeant. My exact retort was, "Does it have anything to do with the accident case whether I have a boyfriend or not or whether I am married? Do I get a compound for it if I'm attached and get away scot free if I am not?". That helped us get down to business.

Time :: 11:00AM
Venue :: Car workshop, Balakong

Bid farewell to my beloved ride which is being towed there and will be there for the next 2-3 weeks or so for a total makeover. Front left and right bumper are goners, oil's leaking out from the gearbox, driver side window and small right side back window are totally smashed with some pieces of them stucked to my legs, right side rear mirror is in powder form while the entire right side of the car is totally scratched from when the car turned on its side earlier.

Time :: 1:00PM
Venue :: Kajang Medical Centre

Sat there in pain looking at 4 big ass fish sucking in pebbles from the bottom of their aquarium and then spitting them out over and over again for an hour while waiting for the doctor to come back from his lunch, probably at the next door 'mamak' stall trying to sound more inteligent than he really is as he tried to make the waiters addressed him as 'loctor' and making sure it's within earshot of every fucking fly buzzing around. If I thought I was going to die or be badly injured while I was being bumped around in the car earlier, I really wish I'd just drop dead then. If it helps, I was already bloodied at some places.


Anonymous said...

the accident sounds pretty bad but luckily you are ok...


babe_kl said...

:o HORRORS!!! my goodness! i hope u r all right now. geezz yr car went out of control??? oh dear... :(

Anonymous said...

My gosh...

i guess with the *sniggers* and "Go me!" ... u're quite fine even if the accident sounded horrifying!


Leo said...

wow...sounds like a bad ass moment...glad to hear and see that your are still intact, body and mind...anyway thank goodness that you are ok..

Anonymous said...

Imagine what happen is the car you're in is Protong. I wouldn't want to imagine. Well, it really is relieving to hear that you're well and are still able to work.

I would like to comment on the police thingy. Not only that they're kpc (keh po chi) but they're damn babai. I once accompanied my fren to Puchong police station as he was involved in a 4 cars pile up. We waited from 11am till 4pm, just for what? FOR HIM!! He was in the room doing dunno what. And a few times he did come out. Then go minum ke, lunch ke..but we were left there like dummies. Hot, noisy, hungry. And the reason? We didn't give him money. He wanted some cash to 'access' the vehicles. Sigh..they're damn corrupt. We all (except me) forked out some money and gave it to him, RM200. Almost instantly he grabbed the camera and went out to access the cars, write comments..blah blah.


But one thing good is you can pay RM30 to get away from being fined for speeding..hehehehe..

Schweeney said...

Thank you all for your concern, I have recovered a 100% though my beloved ride is still not through with his makeover yet.

Alucard said...

RIO is pretty tough to be able to withstand such whipping. You're lucky you're in KIA. If your driving protong I wouldn't bet on what would happen. I'm driving a KIA myself..hehe..

Scorpio Rulez!!!