Monday, November 08, 2004

Spook My Ass

The recent release of the movie 'The Grudge' brought back painful memories of how thoroughly boring but unbelievably funny Japanese and Korean horror movies can be.

I remember my first excrutiating brush with the Japanese underworld from the movie 'Dark Water'. A friend and I had met up after work and chose the huge and mostly empty Rex cinema right smack in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, next to Petaling Street to get spooked. Gonna be spookier there or so we thought. As it turned out, we were two out of about less than a dozen people in the cinema that night. Not 10 minutes into the show and I turned to my friend and asked him whether we're watching a horror movie or a Japanese soap opera. We almost fell asleep in the cinema. The only bright moment was a particular scene where the little girl ghost knocked from inside the water tank. I think the gangsters manning the myriad stalls in Petaling Street are actually more scary, especially the way they try to rip you off. Deadly, I tell you!

Next, I place my bet on 'The Ring'. A few friends and I were staying overnight in the Heritage Hotel at Cameron Highlands and we thought it'd be nice to get spooked after a few drinks in that little chilly holiday spot. All of us piled into bed with all the lights off, some hiding under the blanket from the numbing cold, some from the anticipation of a good scare. I was kind of skeptical after the above-mentioned movie but watched anyway. One by one my friends started dozing off and I was the only one sitting there drumming my fingers on the bed, getting impatient. Where's the ghost? I nearly go mad with laughter when I saw the damn thing crawling out from inside the television screen in the movie! Talk about being lame!

That was the last I had to endure until a new colleague from another department cornered me and pressed 'Ju-on' into my hands and made me promise him I'd watched it. Okay, that was a bit weird since we hardly exchanged 10 words since he joined the company but what the heck I thought. I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. Boy, what a mistake! The crawling ghost down the stairs was the single most hysterical scene I've even seen in a horror movie! Hahahahahahahaha! I'm laughing now as I recalled the scene in my mind. Tears are coming out of my eyes as I type! Oh no, I'm gasping for breath over here, someone stop making FUNNY horror movies, please!!!

Enough is enough, I'd never watch another Japanese horror movie again, ever! Wait, maybe I will, just to laugh my head off! Hmmm, I wonder whether the recent Korean and Thai horror flicks are any better?


Alucard said...

um...I got Ju-on 1 and 2 last night after my brother nag me to get it for him.

Alucard said...

Can't believe that you actually went to cinemas to watch those crappy ghostie movies. I watched once..and I think is The Ring (english version) at Kajang Metro. Luckily its only Rm6 per movie and free seating. Wah..I tell you..that is the last time I'll watch any ghostie movie from any cinema. Heck, I'll won't even buy VCDs or DVDs. I'll loan it from someone 'waterfish' who bought them..hahahah....I'm looking for someone who has Puteri Gunung Ledang though. I was a fool to buy Pontianak. It sucks bigtime.

Schweeney said...

'Dark Water' was a treat from my friend. I won't waste half a penny on them! :P

Schweeney said...
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Alucard said...

Wah so good ar...A treat from friend. How much was it that time to watch a movie at Rex? I remembered my 1st movie in that cinema was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And my first movie in Kajang in the used to be dunno what name cinema was Once Upon a Time In China 1. That time was real classic man..

Anonymous said...

'kak Schweeney' :p

i thought all the above mentioned movies were korean? (instead of japanese)

anyway, those movie sucks, realtime..
i have yet to find one that scares the hell out of me..

well, actually, 'The Day After Tommorow' is the ONLY scarry movie so far i have watched..
Scarry, because it seems so logic..!!