Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Of Silent Ts and Noisy Ys

Either some people are just plain dumb and can't pronounce words properly or their teachers did a very bad job at teaching them the basics.

I go around hearing people pronounce 'Streamyx' as 'steem-X' when it really should be 'streem-iks'. What happened to the 'Y' in 'Streamyx'? Did you swallowed it? Come on, spit it out dude! I hear 'Y's are not good for digestion. No wonder you constantly look constipated. I hope you start shitting corks soon.

Now what's the deal with pronouncing 'Chevrolet' as 'shair-vro-LET'? The 'T' here is silent along with those in 'bouquet' and 'croquet'. It's 'chev-vro-lay' you dumbass! If you don't even know that then spare the world the pain by calling it 'Chevy'. Oh by the way, that's pronounced as 'chev-vee'.

I bet these are the very same people who drive their ShairvroleT-mobile to shop in 'kair-fawr' and 'kaar-fawr' and God forbid 'carry-4' when they really should be in 'Carrefour' as in 'kaar-foo'. For the uninitiated, 'Carrefour' actually comes from French.

More than one of their daughters who wait on tables have insisted that escargot as in 'es-kaar-go' is not in the menu and that I change my order to 'es-kar-GOT'. Excuse miss, I think the S car had gone and you should go with it. 'S' for sucker!

Now, I can list down many other mispronounced words but I won't. Many here may argue that who cares whether the pronounciation is right or wrong as long as people understand what they are trying to say. I say I'd give you that provided that they are gracious enough to accept it when corrected and not try to drag me down to their dark-slimy-mispronouncing-city.


Anonymous said...

errr... the MD of Magnificient Diagraph Sdn Bhd trading under the name of "Carrefour", whom i met in the course of work, insist that the francais pronounciation for their chain is "karr foo". thot you might like to know. ;)

Schweeney said...

Duly noted, thank you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Finally someone who understands how I feel....
Here are some of the mispronounced words I've heard (and cringed at everytime...) to your list

Mikroway (MicrowaVe)
Chain (when they actually meant ChanGE)
Felari (Ferrari)
Tempolari (Temporary)
and also any other word that should have ended with an "n" but pronounced as "nt". Heaven knows how the "t" got there... probably wanting to sound more Mat Saleh...


Anonymous said...

Chewren... why you all so lidat? I know my Engrund not so powderful... but you all no need say things lidis mah. Wahliao... my fillings dem hurt deep deep leh.

I tell you hor... it's all those blardi Frenchies' fault for kambing out wif all these farnee farnee spelling. Dunno how to tok properry, then don't campuk campuk all these canggih French stuff into Bahasa Engrund lah. Cheh. You think you all Frenchies very 'keng' meh? Try tokking Hokkien lah, see how you manage! Kanasai. =D

Da Furry animal again.

Anonymous said...

hey ferli enimel,

u da ferli enimel i know ar?


Schweeney said...

It's definitely the furry animal we both knew. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ya... it's me! It's me! **grinz** }:)

Da ferli fellow. (Pai seh, dinch know that it's spelt as 'ferli' wan)