Monday, January 31, 2005

Porridge Guy

Now this posting is purely to update those of you have been unfortunate enough to be fascinated with freaky Date No. 1 after reading my Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon posting a few months back.

Well, ever since the porridge stint, I haven't heard or seen Mr. Porridge Guy except for the occasional SMS. I've noticed that he always SMS me on the weekends. He's partial to Saturday/Sunday morning SMSs. A typical SMS goes like this, "The weather is hot, drink more water" or "Drink more water, the weather is hot" or some variations to that effect. So duh!!

If it's not about the weather or water, then it'll be some corny forwarded SMS with the typical ASCII bear which I promptly delete upon receival. Wasting space on my inbox really. The guy's SO creative, SO original! NOT! Someone need to learn that he's not going to get a girl from weather+water SMSs and forwarded SMSs which countless others have received before. I'm not easy to impress.

Recently he SMS-ed telling me he just got back from a business trip in Hong Kong (which I doubt) and that he wants to meet me to give me a Christmas present which he bought there. Not interested!! I was paranoid for a while. Worried that he might show up outside my bedroom window again at night with Christmas present in one hand and heaven forbids, porridge in the other.

He still claims eternal love and profess everlasting adoration for yours truly even after 3 long, unsuccessful years. Not a quitter this one. A few days ago, I discovered that someone had been cutting little pieces out of my new Hush Puppies cotton panties from the clothing line again (click here for related story). Hmm, could it be the whack job at work?