Monday, June 27, 2005

Dating Life VS Working Life

If you peek close enough, working life actually has many similarities with dating life. Both starts out with you checking out the potentials. Some might make you pitch a tent in your pants while a fraction of others might be less appealing than watching a snail crawl. You go for the kill and if you are lucky, you get a respond. The first interview is very much like your first date. If your date likes you, you then get to have more dates with him or her till you are actually "hired" for the job.

You start both relationships with high hopes and expectations, full of dreams, dressing your best and putting your best foot forward. You get to know the rest in the family as time goes by and over time, you might slack a bit, put on some weight or you might not. Depends how much you like what you have gotten yourself into in the first place or how well the ship you hopped on turned out to be. Breakups and job-hopping goes hand-in-hand and they're so common nowadays.

If you stick around and as the days turn into months and months into years, you'll feel that all your efforts, blood, sweat and tears should be rewarded with something more. You began seeking for increments, bonuses and promotions, much like upgrading your status from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiance/fiancee to husband/wife. A promotion would mean taking more responsibilities and more people under your wings. For married couples, this would mean having babies or even pets if you are so inclined.

It doesn't end here though. As with every relationships, we need to continually improve ourselves to keep our job or we get the boot. So, the next time you are stucked in a dead-end job or depressing relationship but too confused or lame to take remedial actions, try looking at it from a different point of view. If your dirty, lowly-paid, toilet-cleaning, no-future job is your girlfriend, wouldn't you have not hesistated to dump her on the spot or if your abusive, whiny, cheapskate of a boyfriend is your job, wouldn't you have thrown in that resignation letter in his face and spit on him for good measure long ago?

OK, enough profound thoughts in a day for me. I can only go so long without dissing another poor soul. Kidding. You think about this though. Adios!


babyPup said...

hmm, good point there.

Schweeney said...

Thank you for your kind comments and being a frequent visitor to my blog.

Cute puppy you got there. Woof woof! :)

babyPup said...

oh. ur most welcome :) know ur site from Stella Chua.

i love ur perspective on life, that's why come back often to read hehe .


Schweeney said...

Oh cool, haven't heard from her in a while though.

Geez, does this mean I have fans now? Hehe :P

babyPup said...

den does that make me a fanboy ? HahahAhaha. :P

she's good. back in M'sia. give her a call sometimes :D

zewt said...

valid point... but i have yet to meet a job that made me pitch a tent in my pants...