Monday, January 12, 2009

Encounter with the Idiotic Kind at the Food Court

Yesterday was a lovely Sunday morning and since my grandmother is in town, me and hubby took her out for breakfast with us. She had taken a liking to the char koay teow (fried koay teow) in the food court of my local marketplace so off we went. It was still early so there were plenty of seats available. We found a nice table and Grandma started pulling out a chair as she reminded me to order her plate of char koay teow minus the prawns.

As we were having this conversation, a man came and started laying his hands to pull out a chair opposite of the one Grandma was pulling out. I looked straight at him and he looked away. Thinking that he would understand, as civilized people normally do, that we were at the table first and were about to sit down, I turn to leave my Grandma to place the order. Imagine my surprise then when I saw him waving his entire family over, about 10 of them and one by one they started sitting down their fat asses! At least, some people have the courtesy to ask if they were not sure.

At this point, my hubby just got into the food court after parking our car and he asked me why Grandma and I were standing around without a seat when they are so many empty tables around. I replied in a loud voice while glaring at the idiot, ‘Oh, actually we were supposed to sit here but SOMEONE took our seat!’. Either the imbecile didn’t hear me or he pretended not to hear me but boy, was I pissed.

I stomped my family off to the next table across the aisle and took the photo below as a reminder that there are still many Malaysians out there who deserves to have my foot up their ass!


Pet said...

Yeah..sometimes you meet this type of people.

Ha! This is why u are known as 'Bad Ass Chick'!