Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proposal from a Stranger in Facebook

I first heard of Facebook sometime in early 2007 from an acquaintance while holidaying in Hong Kong. Only a handful of my friends were in Facebook when I created my account. By now, I am sure every other computer savvy person in this world has a Facebook account already. Probably half of them addicted to it I dare say. Half of whom should also get their finger chopped off for poking or sending invites indiscriminately. But how many people actually propose to strangers through the web? Now hold that thought and imagine my surprise when I got the below in my Facebook’s inbox.

My first thought is “Is this a hoax or a scam?” or a person so desperate to have someone to call his own for Valentine’s Day. As a value my privacy, my full profile is only limited to friends so I am not sure where this guy claimed to have seen my pictures from other than the small thumbnail of my profile picture. Also, if he’s seen my pictures, he would have realized that I am a happily married woman. Curious as I am, I dared not reply as replying would open up my full profile to his view.

Supposing for a second this is a genuine proposal, I still cannot fathom the sensibility of someone proposing to a complete and utter stranger through the internet. Sorry but I don’t subscribe to the whole love at first sight idea. Moreover, falling for a picture measuring no more than 2cm x 2cm? Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.