Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Weirdness is a Disease

Is it just me or is the world filled with weirdos lurking in every little nook and corner? To further prove my point that weirdness is very much alive and kicking this part of town, I've compile a little list of the strange encounters I've had lately.

Wednesday, 15th December 2004, 8:35pm
Sitting down and enjoying my dinner, a Chinese family with the mom and dad and their 4 little princesses was shown to the table next to mine. Imagine my suprise when one of the little girls propped down right next to me and and clinged on for dear life. Being in a good mood then, I patted her head and nodded and smiled to the embarassed parents. But then throughout the dinner, the little girl asked me stuff about my handbag, my cutleries, etc. She even tried pinching me a few times but was unsuccessful! The mom eventually had to switch places with her so that I can have my dinner in peace. Little Ms High-Strung found her next victim in the couple seated on her other side of the table. Well, at least it's not me anymore.

Saturday, 18th of December 2004, 5:50pm
Returning from the beach after a fun dip in the sea, I was trying to shower off the sand on my feet when horrors greeted me in the form of a Malay woman dressed in a 'baju kurung' under the said shower happily washing a pair of pink-colored underwear. Yucks yucks yucks!!! To top it off, several bystanders were grinning away upon seeing the disgusted look I had on my face. Ignorant sick village bastards!

Monday, 20th December 2004, 12:55pm
Going up the escalator in a hypermarket, I saw a Malay woman with a small kid up ahead of me. Suddenly she just threw down a pair of shoes to the floor below. However, she and the kid still had their shoes on. Strange, but true.

Tuesday, 21st December 2004, 1:20pm
Heard from my friends that an imbecilic couple whom I had the misfortune of knowing in the past are asking them to join in for a Japanase-style dinner for Christmas this year. One isn't going for he still wants his turkey while another just giggled herself silly. Now who died and made Santa a Jap? Rudolpo eato sushi???

So, question is, are you infected?


Alucard said...

Hmm...maybe we can do a copycat X-files themed blog or comment here. Let's hear something like strange postings and maybe the good guys and gals here can offer some help.

Some of my suggestions:

1. Maybe the little gurl is the reincarnation of an Orang Utan who are always kept in cages. Always cramped in cage, to her, the outside world is one strange big place with not 'bars' indeed.

2. Do you guys believe that sands can be used to wash off dirt and perhaps oil from a cooking pan or 'wok'? For clarifications, maybe a 'scout' can help out or some chemist. Perhaps the lady was there following schweeney and waiting for the right moment for the sand mixed water to flow from her body so she can clean her pinkie underwear? Strange but true.

3. Hmm...a third leg? Who knows, maybe this boy is the next Wong Fei Hong reincarnation. No shadow kick..his patented kick, maybe done with two legs in the air while another leg standing...or rather jumping.

4. This one I have no comment. Santa eating sushi??

Anonymous said...

Hey... there are Christians in Japan too, you know....

Da Ferli rodent

Schweeney said...

I'm just being the regular nitpicking me! So? Bite me! :D

Anonymous said...

biting you now. *yum yum*

disgusting lady washing her panties in front of everyone :P wow, tt's a shame on her...