Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Stranger

I have been to many birthday parties in my life but never have I been to one so ridiculous I thought my eyes were gonna fall off from their sockets from rolling them too much.

You see, yesterday afternoon, the maggot of a person whom I have always referred to as Fugly in my blog storms into our department and started hauling all the staff into the meeting room. Everyone was looking puzzled. Some thought there’s gonna be a meeting or a briefing. Yours truly was just on the way to the pantry to get a glass of water but was shepherded into the meeting room as well.

Imagine our surprise to find a cake on the long table and a stranger in our midst. Oh, we figured she was a staff as well but from another floor, another department. 90% of us didn’t have a clue who she is or what’s her name. Moments later, Fugly led the way as she made everyone sing the Birthday song. Mind you, we still dunno who the cake is for at that moment.

“Happy Birthday to you”
“Happy Birthday to you”
“Happy Birthday to .......“

At this point in time, the voices kinda faltered as we raised our eyebrows at each other. What a joke! Singing birthday song to someone we dun even know. I hope our clapping drowned out the blank in our singings. I heard some people blurted out the name but was too fast for me to catch it.

Happy Birthday to you!!!”, we sang as we ended the song. Then as the haze of confusion was lifted from the room, What’s-Her-Name in out midst went forward and blow out the candle. She was smiling and thanking us. Then as usual, annoying Fugly was laughing her fake irritating laugh as she made one of us cut the cake for the birthday girl or middle-aged aunty if you want to get down to specifics. I still couldn’t get over the absurdity of the situation as I grudgingly ate the piece of cake that was handed to me. The birthday aunty didn’t appear to migle with any of us except Fugly, who is another middle-aged aunty herself (only a lot uglier) so I assumed Fugly must have set this all up by herself. No, they are not relations.

Now, I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to celebrate their birthday with a bunch of strangers. Even if I did, I don’t think my face is that thick to even go near the cake. Everyone was complaining once the party was over. We had to give credit to Fugly, she had surpassed herself again in terms of how much more she can do to make us hate her.

Luckily she didn’t make us chip in for the cake else she would have really overdone it.