Thursday, January 22, 2004

Promised Heaven, but Given Hell

This is a news report I copied from the online version of the Malaysian 'The Star' newspaper, dated 16 January 2004.


HONG KONG: A cult here lured women into working as prostitutes by promising them places in heaven if they slept with enough men, a news report said yesterday. Women snared by the cult had to work 12 hours a day having s3x with at least 10 men, according to the South China Morning Post. All their money went to the Green Dragon Temple Cult which promised them a place in heaven once they earned HK$500,000 (RM243,000). The cult told the women it recruited they would become goddesses when the world ended once they had entered heaven, the newspaper said. Police were yesterday hunting the alleged cult leader Mo Wan-lun and five other men after the arrest of three cult members, a woman and two men, on Monday. Five women aged between 20 and 40 working for the cult in brothels in Hong Kong's red light districts were rescued. – dpa


I seriously don't understand how people can be SO gullible! This probably took place during the rescue:

Police Office: *bursting through the door* Don't worry maam, you're in safe hands now.

Gullible Woman#1: *confused look* You're God?

PO: No, maam. I'm a Hong Kong Wong Kar Keng Chak (Police Officer). I'm here to rescue you.

GW: Rescue me? But I'm halfway to heaven! Mo Wan-Lun already 'chup' (reserve) a place for me there.

PO: He is a liar. You can't prostitute your way to heaven! Please follow me to the police car, maam.

GW: No! No! I still wanna go to heaven! *starts sobbing*

PO: *losing patience* Fine! You need to go downstairs with me now. Messengers of God are waiting there.

GW: *beaming* OK!