Thursday, January 22, 2004

Secret Diaries of Gullible People II

The Very Secret Diaries of Cute Butt Cop:

Day 1: Met my new superior today. Pervy old man kept staring at my granite butt.

Day 2: Noticed am the cop with the cutest butt around. Pervy superior so obviously wants to shag me. Will hold out longer.

Day 3: Keep getting hit on by my colleagues left, right and center. Can`t cope.

Day 5: Assigned to work the Green Dragon Cult case. Men can be SO silly. Why wanna shag a girl when they can have guys? Men! Can never understand them.

Day 12: Been tailing Mo Wai-Lun. Had to resist urge to tell him that green is SO not his color and big gold chains and watch looks SO tacky!

Day 20: Green Dragon Cult busted. Girls can be even sillier! Mo Wai-Lun kept on placing handcuffed hands on my lap during the ride back to the police station. Kinda liked it actually.

Day 22: Mo Wai-Lun was sent to prison. So sad to see him leave. Will go see if pervy superior is free tonight.